Daniel J. Davis – Cycles

Artist: Daniel J. Davis
title: Cycles
keywords: ambient, electronic, conceptual, electroacoustic, experimental, synthesizer

Why sitting inside? Why not go cycling while listening to Daniel J Davis ‘Cycles’?
It might turn the landscapes and the surroundings that you are cycling through into places of beauty.
Perhaps they are already nice and pleasant, but if you add a little of the ‘Digital Dreams’ to the location everything just seems to be more shiny, sparkling and friendly.
It’s not a very loud experience, so you might try to find a spot with no much background noises to fully cycle through these ambient electronic dream work chapters.
A little touch of cute bell like sounds, a friendly digital bird that passes by over the head leaving sparkles and glitter, and a sleepiness that would also be appreciated when you have a baby that needs some musical entertainment before going to dreamland.

But let’s forget about baby’s and keep cycling in Daniel J Davis world of ‘Cycles’.
It helps a lot to get a good relaxing rhythm when the artist provides us all into the next digital dream state. A little soft but pleasant space beat gives enough flair to the feet that go around in cycles to feel the dreamy clouds of ambient that flows like pretty clouds on top.

Now it’s a good moment to forget about YMCA from the Village People and make some space in your musical receptors for Daniel J Davis’s CZA. A relaxing piece of electronic music that comes across so calm that it makes you feel a bit as if you are a bird on an easy going unwind day. Just flapping your bird wings a little bit and flying around in the blue sky enjoying the view below, besides and beyond. Nope, no villagers over here; just floating enjoyment.

Of course we all like to be flying and chilling out in the sky, but as we are enjoying ‘cycles’, we might actually enjoy a fine moment like ‘SNTH FM’. A electronic work that moves with a fine tempo that perhaps even might get into our ears so much that we feel like stepping of the bicycle and turn cycles on our own feet instead. It has a relaxed and yet uplifting feels good vibe.

The next chapter available from this album by Daniel J Davis is ‘Murk Station 3’. It’s coming across as a moment of rest, a peaceful exploration in the atmosphere that the murkstations are so famous for. Perhaps forget the bicycle cycling session over here and just sit down under a tree and eat some apple to quench the thirst. Listen and dream away with the sounds that the artist has provided and you might dream of calming riverbed, butterflies and a refreshing slow breeze that gives a form of relief.

It might be a moment that we had fallen asleep over here, and that we suddenly open up the eyes to be woken up in The Future. Perhaps it’s the future as how Daniel J Davis would wish us all to face, as this is too beautiful to be a realistic one. It’s as if all other disturbance has been eliminated and only the new age prettiness of warming ambient has survived making this future bright and free from troubles.

After the revelation of Daniel J Davis’s version of the future we can sink in the sounds of his track called ‘Earlier that Morning’. It’s like listening to cow bells or perhaps a tea spoon going in circles to mix coffee with sugar and milk or something similar to start the day with. Of course in this case it will all be turned into magical music that crawls slowly in like a great opening of a fresh day with lots of sunlight shining through the window.

The last track ‘A Wasted Out Wish’ is the one that feels like a long well-wishing goodbye song.
It’s like angels would come down to earth through the music of Daniel J Davis and sparkle glitter and angel dust all over your mind like a comfortable blanket. If you want to have something to cycle trough imaginary dreams, making the landscapes more pretty than they are or just need a break and want to relax.. Daniel J Davis’ Cycles might just be the ambient release at hand:

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