Emerge – Minuscule

Artist: Emerge
Title: Minuscule
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, noise
Label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

Out of the hands and creative mind of Emerge comes a peticular release called Minuscule. In three sections we can hear three different miniscule audio works. The three miniature experimental audio works are giving the respect they needed by pressing them on to 3 different busines-card CD-R’s in a mini-DVD case, but because of them being so rare they are also digitally available.
Minuscule 1 starts (for this artist) surprisingly rhythmic, we can hear earth shaking steps vibrating the wet and damp grounds of the underground. There is small dribbling water movements that seem to be falling upwards to be absorbed by cave ceilings. There are elements of hunted ambient that seems to shine through the small holes of the ground. It’s to be fair a recording you would not expect to find on a business card, but more while entering a shimmery twilight zone with potentially still a living dinosaur stepping around.Minuscule 2 is presenting an even colder yet natural sounding world of mystery. From a world that is underground, and abstract. it feels as if we are sound witnessing city sounds coming from the surface. The recorder probably felt shocked by the existence of a human dominated surface as we can hear our sound adventure climbing deeper underground, slightly keeping one ear on the incoming human activity from above while sinking in a comfortable darkness of dirt. I feel like this is the music of literally ‘the underground’ that is either too shy or just don’t want to face the light above the ground surface. It’s like listening to a shadow afraid of daylight and disturbing city life.Minuscule 3 starts like a stab of a knife that passes through two ears. Then silence a sound of a shovel that digs in the ground. A windy moment that turn bubbly and more silence. Slight appearances of sounds, some electronic, some coming from dogs.. It’s a weird experience as the artist really is mixing up our minds by keeping its presentation very graphic and yet very minimal. It is like all these tiny fragments of evidence are all fractured laying neatly in one soundscape while a detective start to put them together in chase for some kind of motive. And the motive is quite clearly the establishment of the third section of Minuscule.

‘Minuscule’ by Emerge as a set of 3 business-card size CDr’s is very limited, as a matter of fact there is only one copy left (limited edition of 5 !). So better make a run for it!

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