Karambol Bolno – the YOUTH [1970 – 1996]

karambolArtist: Karambol Bolno
title: the YOUTH {1970 – 1996}
keywords: electronic, experimental, lobit, industrial, chiptune, trip-hop, samples, vaporwave

Somewhere in the Ukraine there is a music producer living in a town called S;ov’yansk.
The place was at the moment that the request was send in a bit like a ghetto with Russian military activities and whatever.. Let’s keep Yeah I Know It Sucks light and act like we live in a world of peace and harmony. Anyway this music producer is pretty talented and it’s name is one that could be engraved in your skull as it’s a original one.

Karambol Bolno

Yes, Karambol Bolna wrote us a while ago if we could inform our readers about his electronic lobit project. It took a long time to actually get through it, but the moment in time has finally come.
The music is pretty good and captured in the easy going superb sound quality of 64KBPS, which makes it quick to download and warm in sound.

Karambol Bolno’s the YOUTH {1970 – 1996} is a fine collection of interesting music productions.

The first track ‘another castle’ takes good use of the sound encoding by presenting a deep synth base loop with on top pretty warm organ like tones. This was only the beginning as half way through the artist introduces a Ukrainian feel of ghetto-ness to the sound. This is done with an outstanding sad a sounding beat, cold sharp synths that slowly gutter into a mood of well organized chaos.
It’s a noise that feels like militant figures had somehow out of the blue infiltrated this cute loving sounding place of the beginning, drove through the walls with a couple of tanks and then conquered the castle of prettiness and removed the flag of love and replaced it with a steal pole.
It’s quite story telling this ‘another castle’, it gives the listener a unique view of a situation that is either in someone’s mind or happening in reality.
The second track is ‘cellophane’ which almost comes across as a lobit folk song without the actual singing. It’s like listening to a stronghold in oppressive times with actually a pretty good sound structure that might fuel some fanatics to join the  underground.

with ‘b-class men’ we can hear the great Karambol Bolno producers skills at work, capturing a theme that goes through the alleyways of destruction like a shimmery digital snake that has a middle finger tattooed on his back. Perhaps it’s not a snake (or a snake with arms), as the track is very rhythmic. Imagine a hammer, a bottle of booze and other things around that form the pushing rhythm that brings comfort in the doomed mayhem.

Listening to ‘yoghurt junkie’ makes me as a listener hungry for yoghurt, but also feel that the addiction to yoghurt might have become problematic. It’s like the need for yoghurt has been spinning out of control, and if karambol bolno is not going to get his yoghurt on time someone has to pay for it! You can hear the power in the great produced track over here. It’s just a matter of time that the yoghurt junkie will snap.

Another personal moment of expression that sounds perfect is Karambol Bolno’s track ‘set my friends on fire’. A great piece of emotion captured in music, you can hear the evil synth and positive vibes of satisfaction this action of setting his friends on fire. Listening to the music is like a powerful approval that makes this act understandable. Just listen to the end of this track how epic and how good the powerful music seems to elevate itself.  We need more fire!

The next track ‘asphalt diving’ is another cool track that features a great productuin of bombastic-ness. A beat that slams hard and a feel of pain and despair that at the same time sounds powerful enough to beat the system!

‘my parrot’ has a sniper feeling to it.. it’s almost like this parrot is trained to use a damped machine gun to eliminate other parrots in the ghetto neighborhood.

Karambol Bolno’s get into my Cadillac is a short moment of chiptune. A piece for a ery , very short drive I guess.

With ‘Kalendula’ we hear some strange singing, but it’s the phat rolling beat that kicks this tracks ass.

The anthem ‘my sweater, your winter’ is the emotional shout out on this collection of tunes. A mellow-dramatic electro power ballad; without being a ballad. It has a militant feeling to it, that beats the drums, the riddle rattles and powerful synthesizer that are so beautifully captured here in that fine lobit rate.

A moment of self-thought is been captured in ‘nothing to hug with’ a sad sounding tune that strangely seems to hug itself enough while also inviting listeners to hug and cuddle the creator of this track as a ‘thank you’ for creating all these short but pretty personal power tracks.

‘wet’ is sounding like karambol bolno has captured something sexual. It’s quite dirty and nasty, but we love that, right?

Another personal sound anecdote is brought in with ‘lullaby for daddy’. A very dark and serious sounding industrial dance track that got me dancing like a marching clubber on Prozac pills and booze. This is karambol bolno producing the dirty rave sounds that should be heard through illegal dance parties through caves and underground temples. Epic synth blazing!

‘get out of my Cadillac’ is another chiptune thing, but than appears to be more like a ‘game over’ moment. No more driving over here!

karambol bolno shows a more vague experimental side in its ‘cocoa blood’ track. It’s mysterious with female vocals that flop around like some kind of strange apocalyptic soup.

With ‘smash crash live’ the Ukrainian lobit artist Karambol Bolno throws in some excellent drum skills. It’s a bit of a filler, but even in Karambol Bolno’s world all fillers are all killers.

‘run with me’ is one that stands out in flexible coolness, it’s like some chopped up things that the artist has turned into an invitation to run to forgotten lost jazzy times.

Then we can hear ‘house of redhead kids’ which is pretty mysterious with minimal accentuation in rhythm, synthesizer and dramatic piano that gives a documtairy like feeling.

‘nasty office worker’ is like listening to an old soundtrack of a Hollywood movie until halfway the synth and beat kicks in for a little appearance.

As we are coming close to the end of our listening session we can hear a track named ‘farewell for ptashka’. A slimy sound world that flows like a knife through a block of ice. It’s warm, yet cold and pretty cool! This should be played extremely loud for the best results!

The last one on our playlist over here is ‘I shot the dolphin, honey, marry me’
A moment of atmospheric euphoria is presenting itself and with this it’s a good time to say goodbye.
If you are interested in hearing all these lobit personalities by Karambol Bolno than please continue and hear the music over from his own website:
or check his bandcamp page with the album:

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