Trio telfær – Close Encounters

Artist: Trio telfær
Title: Close Encounters
Keywords: experimental, basement, dance, improvisation, jam, pop, rock, space, trip

Sometimes we just stumble upon music that actually doesn’t suck, it doesn’t happen often but when it happens it’s really an euphoric moment that is enjoyed by everyone that hangs around our premises picking up the vibes blasting from the speakers.

This one called ‘Close Encounters’ by Trio telfær really went in our ears at the right moment in time.
What a joy to hear a band who obviously has fun in making music AND are excellent music players! That’s one of those magical combinations that might be also a rare thing to find in the tons of music that is out there.

So what can you expect when going for this 3 track counting release? Ah, it’s the music that you want to hear on a sunny day, chilling out somewhere relaxed with a cold drink while enjoying really cool undisturbed flow of improvisational psychedelic chill pill rock.

Listening to this while relaxing in the sun and that cold drink is basically the ingredients for a moment of heaven down here on earth. There is no drama, no difficult stories, no arty farty abracadabra but just great musicians doing what they love; making good music.

What can I say more? Order some sunshine, a drink, some free time and hear ‘Close Encounters’. Available at the following link:

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1 Response to Trio telfær – Close Encounters

  1. we are flattered and very happy to discover that someone other than us listens to these recordings! thanx from Canada ❤

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