Chochos Y Moscas – Pule Mi Yonki

artist: Chochos y Moscas
title: Pule Mi Yonki
keywords: grindcore, noisecoe, experimental, powerviolence
reviewer: Harry Metal

Chochos y Moscas are back! And how! They deliver behind this great piece of artwork nine tracks that are uber short, very good and ultra-compact. What can I say more? It’s unbelievable how much this band can tell in just a few seconds. They seemed to have been trained & shaped to make the quickest songs that have beginnings, middle points and perfect endings. The shortest tune is 9 seconds and the longest one available on this release ’13 seconds’. All of them have their own character, raw but yet subtle. (Some of them even have a fade out!)
Anyway Chochos Y Moscas seems like they have made a sport out of this and for us busy listeners who only have a minute to spare; this album might be a perfect fit to fill it up!

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8 Responses to Chochos Y Moscas – Pule Mi Yonki

  1. Linda says:

    I’d say the album is perfect for ringtones 🙂

  2. Top 5000 Metal Albums says:

    Best album cover art I’ve seen all week!

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