Lust Era & Dino Felipe – The Lifestyle (single)

Artists: Lust Era & Dino Felipe
title: The Lifestyle (single)
keywords: alternative, electronic, experimental, post-genre, rock

Lust Era & Dino Felipe are like chocolate on a chocolate cake, too much of it and you might end up with holes in your teeth, but who cares about teeth if you can eat chocolate? I mean it’s irresistible and even if chocolate isn’t your thing, than there must be something else that can be used as a metaphor closer to your home.

Perhaps Lust Era & Dino Felipe are like vacation, if you have it all the time it won’t be vacation anymore. But still you want to keep on having vacation all the time, no matter that a permanent vacation wouldn’t feel as good as a occasional  one.

Nah, that’s probably not a real good example too. Perhaps Lust Era & Dino Felipe are like a free cigarette for smokers. You have to smoke it because you can’t stop loving it and it’s free, even though if you smoke too many free cigarettes you might create a highway for cars inside your lungs. But that is simply just a bonus, right?

Nah, bad example again. Perhaps the combination of Lust Era & Dino Felipe is like sugar in your tea. You like it but if you put too much in your cup it might actually make the tea undrinkable sweet, but that doesn’t stop you from loving sugar anyway!

Shit. All these metaphors aren’t really hitting the right tone. Perhaps Lust Era & Dino Felipe are like shit. You love the feeling when it comes out and you can get rid of it, but you can’t be shitting all the time because that will turn perhaps into problematic behavior. But you love it anyway, right?

Maybe Lust Era & Dino Felipe are like your illegal medications. You know you might lose reality once in a while, but you always seem to come back for them if you could.

I don’t know, readers.. I’m all out of metaphors for Lust Era & Dino Felipe. It’s hard to find the right one that fits your world as everyone who reads this has probably different vices, belonging to different life styles. But I believe that everyone who likes the following single by Lust Era & Dino Felipe will probably know what’s up with all these comparisons.

listening to ‘The Lifestyle’ and digging it is basically asking for a problem. It’s that riff, you know? It’s going to be stuck in the head, popping up in the head at random times as it wants you to play it over and over again. And even if you don’t, it somehow projects itself in your imagination. Like the thought of eating your favorite ice-cream. You can day dream about it, feel the taste in your mouth but when you finally go out to the store to lick that favorite ice-cream; all the endorphins of satisfaction will be released. But eating to much ice-cream will probably turn you into a frozen yeti.
But Yeti is cool, right?

Anyway enough is enough with the metaphors crap. Lust Era & Dino Felipe’s single is contagious. It’s the sugar, the chocolate, the free cigarette, it’s too good but you want to hear it anyway! It’s gone before you know it; but that riff, that lyric, that beat.. It will keep you coming back for it. It will match up with your own lifestyle, it will be another vice that compliments all the others.

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