Eisenlager – Wanderweg

Artist: Eisenlager
title: Wanderweg
keywords: alternative, ambient, experimental, avant-garde
label: Petroglyph http://petroglyphmusic.com/

The German experimental producer and mastermind of the midnightradio compilations has wandered off to the Petroglyph label to release his ‘wanderweg’ upon the interwebs.
I’m glad the producer named ‘eisenlager’ did this as it’s a perfect audio trip to walk through with or without eating ice and drinking a cold pint of lager.

Eisenlager takes us out for a audio walk. First we visit this scary black and white place called ‘Himmelholzsteg’…

The ‘Wanderweg’ starts at the ‘Himmelholzteg #featuring (Philippe Gerber John316) (Wings of an Angel) (Kostas Staikos Substak) It’s a rusty place that sounds warm and cold at the same time, as if the walls of the surrounding empty houses are melting while a ghostly spirit cools the hotness down by dropping the pressure below zero. When you think that this is a place that you can feel alone at, a sudden voice pops up out of the strange sounding spooky soundscape.

Before being able to know who this person was; the flow of singing emptiness that haunts the surroundings is getting more disturbed. Some soft but rolling noise is coming in like a broken mechanic that rolls by in an industrial factorized wheelchair. Instead of passing by the clittering sound of the authentic wheelchair is circulating the listeners. Me, you, we! We want to run, but our legs are not going anywhere. Here we stand as our feet had sank in fresh cement surrounded by a rolling wheelchair pushed by a choir of ghostly spirits.

From being held hostage by a wheelchair pushed by spirits we finally make our way out through the seemingly calm surrounding of the Königspfad

When we finally manage to escape the artist pushes us onto the ‘Königspfad’. This comes across as a moment of rest as we can listen to the sad tones of a warm synthesizer that seems to mourn for a diseased loved one.  It gives the surroundings a glow of gloom as we step slowly further into this audio work by Eisen Lager. I have dropped my ice and my lager on the floor in the track before, but one was melting and the other one was getting finished anyway.

Eisenlager’s tour direct us straight to the Glasbrücke

The tour continues and our frightening experience of the first steps on our walk has made way for a dark form of pretty ambient. Now the artist moves us through the ‘Glasbrücke’. It’s coming across more peaceful, still a bit as if the puddles on the floor are not coming from recent rainfall but from tear drops. Still there is something positive within this pool of music to wander in. It’s slowly opening more up as if the grey sky opens up a bit to let more color in. It’s still bleak, but it’s a nice kind of bleak. Let’s say that it sounds like porcelain bleakness, pretty and shiny but fragile.

Eisenlager guides us deeper and deeper in the audio environment. Now we have arrived at Die Treppe des Xiangfengshan Bergs

Then the time has come to go and walkup the stairs in ‘Die Treppe des Xiangfengshan Bergs’. The highter we get the more beauty we seem to receive. Already from the beginning the sky seems to be cleared from depression and fear. We have reached our destination that with each step makes us aware of the height that we face if tumbling down. You can hear the music in your stomach making the feeling of ‘being afraid of heights’.

But the steps to the top are something to focus on as our minds (under influence of the music of Eisenlager) might be getting troublesome again. Let’s keep on going and moving upwards and follow the music that brings us high sounds that ring through the hills. The walk has its bright and positive sides but also its scary moments of falling, but in the end we all survive and end up at the end of the track in all safety.

Wir sind at diesen lungest wandelstrumpf bekommen und deine hose ist wack! (sorry that was an attempt of badly written german) See here the ‘Heidschnuckenweg’ the road to our final destination…

the last visit we go for with Eisenlager as our wandering tourguide, is a sound walk through the ‘Heidschnuckenweg’. It’s sound like a safe place to be, some soft ness that shines on its surface but it all seems harmless like walking underneath an electric pole when it rains and you can hear the electric noises but feel totally safe. Here the music is introducing other electronic sounds that might get you off guard in its darkness, but still comes across as harmless.

The walk goes through a misty cloud and we can actually hear a soft cool breeze getting rid of the sounds that might had other plans with us. Now we can enter a form of relief and sing and whistle together with Eisenlager against the soft wind. We think it’s safe until Eisenlager starts to sing more fanatically and it feels as if the sounds we met had not come from tormenting external forces but from Eisenlager himself that now freaks us out with his ghostlike opera impression.

With this the ‘wanderweg’ had come to an end, but I feel it’s not really the end, perhaps only the beginning. Might we as listeners’ surface again or will Eisenlager suck all the life out of us at the end?
Will we ever find our way back? A strange walk, a bit scary but at the same time pretty nice too.
For all the people who always say to you that you need to get out more;
here hear and let them take an audio walk with Eisenlager:

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