Nell Gross – the Sweet underneath of your houses

artist: Nell Gross
Title: the Sweet underneath of your houses
keywords: dark ritual, experimental, vocal
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Sweet underneath of your houses by Nell Gross is quite interesting. It sounds a bit like some kind of mix between a whaling cat and a human singing under the shower without the actual shower. To me it’s sounds interesting but imagine if you would live next door of this whaling individual…

Luckily there are also moments of quietness, but even though there is no ‘singing’ involved it still makes me feel happy not to be a close neighbor of this experimental Sinatra. It isn’t uneasy to imagine the character crawling, spying and perhaps even stalking its neighbors through a self made tunnel complex under their houses when listening to ‘under your house’.
You might want to check it out over here:

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