Alex Spalding – No Mistaking (video)

alexsmoArtist: Alex Spalding
title: No Mistaking (video)
keywords: electronica, coldwave, electro, fusion, gloomwave,
label: X.O.S. Records
reviewer: Nico (City Lover, stalker & Private detective)

Cities, I love being in them. Skyscrapers instead of wood, trees and parks, The smell of cars and fast food, armpits of people passing by in a hurry. There is something about it that attracts so many people. It has a brewing energy, sometimes stimulating, sometimes putting you down, but as a city never sleeps you’ll never be bored. There is so many sides of the city, a haven for the freaks, the hustlers and the business people. It’s loaded with a melancholic mix of life, death, culture and anti-culture.

The next music video also features some city views. But it features also some other views. We watch buildings from the air, from the ground and even the famous Hollywood hills are presented for an extra sparkle of recognition.One of the shots in the video has been capturing the private activities of our employee of the year. empo1
He has been on the move, going from house to house. Surfing from couch to couch and not washing for several weeks. Our internal spy tapping software and on the ground smell snitches have been trying to keep an eye and nose on him, but it still came as a total surprise to find the person of interest in his own video.

Somewhere in what seems like a suburban surrounding on a porch sits the one and only Alex Spalding resisting an e-cigarette by smoking a better tasting real one.sigar
There he sits, smokes and sings his melancholic song that sounds drowsy like a midsummer rain surrounded by an imitated bamboo flute. It sounds sentimental and wise like an owl that knows the secret of life, but doesn’t know what to do with all this knowledge. No need to raise the alarm, just sit down and watch the man from the comfort of your screen. Tune up the volume and perhaps feel the mellow music soothing the ears.

If you want to hear more from where this came from, you might want to check out the ‘Exeunt Omnes’ release that has this track (and three others!) to give you comfort in the wait for the return of its smoking creator Alex Spalding.

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