juice machine – hot rainbow

Artist: Juice Machine
title: Hot Rainbow
format: c34 Cassette
keywords: experimental, electronic, improvisation, raw

Are you thirsty and bored of the same old red and blue drinks? What about moving over to the Juice Machine and get ourselves a Hot Rainbow! Put 5 Dollars in the machine and a cute hand dubbed c34 cassette with photocopied insert will come out. The sound and taste? Deliriously delicious!

Just listen and take a large good sip from the ‘a’ side of this ‘hot rainbow’ beverage. Your tongue will be sparkled up with tasty cute noise flavors, carefully structured and perfectly digestible. High flavors, strange tasty by-effects, sometimes bitter undertones to add some punch to the data bite ingredients of abstract-ish computer additives.

It might not be all too healthy for your consumption, but it’s still a really good opportunity to quench the thirst in a different way. Also one long sip might end up in drinking the Hot Rainbow for at least 16 minutes, then you don’t need to go back to the Juice Machine to buy a new one; you just simply turn the cassette around and continue the flavors captured on the other side.

They call it the ‘B’ side and in this case it has a slight different mix of ingredients than the first large sip from the ‘A’ side. It’s more soft, a bit more like there are 1000 tiny microscopic footprints marching around on the top of your tongue while a tone of a phone seems to fill up the corners of the mouth. Let’s say that this hot rainbow drink isn’t like all the other drinks, it’s a bit different.

But yet again the taste of experimental twinkly additive colored rainbow flavors is a distinctive one, and with that phone sound ringing in the mouth it will be blending in perfectly while consuming it while sitting at a desk in an office. But this audio drink might also be so nice and polite enough to simply let you escape that place while drinking this flavored new formed juice, when the sounds go down your neck you just have to close your eyes to imagine you are actually working on some kind of space ship.

A space ship that moves itself out of orbit, far from the office, passing by the rainbow and shooting hot rainbow rays all over earth so you never ever have to return again to a world of greyness. Get this juicy raw hot rainbow juice tape from the Juice Machine at the  next link:

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