rzo the singer – sometimes you have to go a long way to discover something that you knew a long time ago


artist: rzo the singer
title: sometimes you have to go a long way to discover something that you knew a long time ago
format: digital / CD-R
keywords: alternative, singer songwriter, acoustic, experimental, lo-fi
label: Weakie Discs http://www.weakiediscs.blogspot.com

Lets take a look on the wild and bright side with rzo the singer. Our favorite Polish singer has made a nifty little record that seems to be available on CDr in a very, very, extremely rare edition. Luckily by the time of writing there are still copies available, which is news that should make the hands of every ‘rzo the singer’ fan; hot, wet and shaky.

The release starts with the sorrowful shock that is ‘sorrowful shock’. It’s as good as it can be featuring small town lasers at the beginning and moving towards the well-known rzo the singer coming close at going for a avant-garde piece played on a piano. It’s really nice, a bit short but that doesn’t really matter as it will swiftly make way for something more light.

It’s a song called ‘lamp’ and starts with rzo the singer looking at a lamp and noticing a girl mocking him quietly from a little distance. The scene that pops in my head when hearing this is quite cozy and the mocking bird isn’t mean. The music is nice, the guitar rocks clear as it’s being strummed by an experienced hand, and rzo the singer’s singing makes me feel as if we are listening to a living room performance at a small time party.

Than rzo the singer puts the guitar away and takes us all on his lap so he can tell us a delightfully sad story. We can only listen with our mouth shut and big eyes while
‘Tale about the true redemption’ is being told like a professional story teller.

The last track is one that will probably make you laugh. It’s probably the most jolliest cannibalistic song ever written. It made me hungry from the giggles.
I think Issei Sagawa would identify too with the lyrical content of ‘all I want to do’ by rzo the singer.

With this the varied good time has come to an end, but you may visit the next link and perhaps start the fun all over:

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