TV Messiah – early music/videos –

tvArtist: TV Messiah
Title: ‘some lucid support’
Keywords: TV Messiah
Words by: a brainwashed TV Messiah disciple

Hello and welcome. If you have no idea what this post is talking about; please join the club as TRUST US you are not the only one. But after listening to HANDICAP SPACE & FUCK YOU UP LIKE LSD by TV Messiah without new news or music material; my brain went slightly towards the crazy train. It isn’t easy to be living the life of a clueless fan..

Until one day, a very recent day; my troubled brain received an important message through telepathy.

TV Messiah is struggling, hustling and eating other people their foods in order for them to survive the crisis..

TV Messiah is struggling, hustling and eating other people their foods in order for them to survive the crisis..

TV messiah had let us all know that they are very much alive, working on the creation of new music while hustling and struggling in order to survive. Yes financial times, (or lack of it) are here making life difficult. Even the lives of the chosen TV Messiah crew..

I would love to dream away with a perfect scenario featuring how we should abandon money, how we should switch over to trade goods and services in exchange for goods and services. How we all could hold hands together and sing the ‘virgin’ song by TV Messiah for no apparent out of the blue reason.

Examples of activities in such a perfect money less world would probably be things like:
You bake a cake and I’ll eat it in exchange for a well mended compliment ‘hmmm that was the most nicest cake that has ever passed my tongue’!

You make music for people and they dance to it, giving it good reviews, throwing underwear at you as payment of appreciation..

The baker will bake a weekly bread in exchange for you babysitting her cat & the illegal trip medication supplier gets paid out with all kinds of art…

And.. And… Please somebody; please slap me on my cheek! I’m getting too damn serious and delirious! And need some words to make a transition to the following song out of the early depth of TV Messiah:

I guess this scenario of the abandoning of money is not going to work thanks to the money worshipping that has been so vastly established throughout civilization. But perhaps our friends from TV Messiah could change the futuristic course by infiltrating the televisions all over the globe and brainwash the watchers’s brains, until they are all cleared from being brainwashed?

Imagine watching television channels being occupied by TV Messiah bringing ‘interesting’ programs for the young and the old.
Discovery channel might feature a two hour special of ‘erotic zebra’. I guess it will be enough to switch the viewer back to reality and will probably abandon television land to watch the ants live outside their own front door instead.

I am sure TV Messiah is working hard not only to survive themselves but also to create the music and video propaganda for the survival of humanity. Secretly through their music and visuals they have been spreading their own righteous beliefs, it’s now just up to them to find a secret backdoor to beam themselves into your movie theater, onto your morning and evening show broadcasts and burn their names and vision into the brains of the faithless in search for their TV Messiah. What do these guys need? Sadly they probably need a walking and talking cash machine to get their things going:

I don’t know where this post about TV Messiah is going, or if it is going anywhere. It has some seriousness in it, but at the same time I must admit that all these idealistic ideas of a world without money, and TV Messiah running around terrorizing and entertaining unexpected box viewers; would be pretty far out to say the least. Some might actually say that I have lost my marbles somewhere along the way, but let’s say that I have lost my shoe instead.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy new year!
And please let’s telepathically support and do shout outs to our biggest hits on ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ and prey to the TV that they will come up one day with new material.

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3 Responses to TV Messiah – early music/videos –

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  2. RBP says:

    Love this little pool of cult swill. Let the videos and tampons fly tvmessiah!!!!!!

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