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Chochos Y Moscas – Pule Mi Yonki

artist: Chochos y Moscas title: Pule Mi Yonki keywords: grindcore, noisecoe, experimental, powerviolence reviewer: Harry Metal Chochos y Moscas are back! And how! They deliver behind this great piece of artwork nine tracks that are uber short, very good and … Continue reading

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Emerge – Minuscule

Artist: Emerge Title: Minuscule keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, noise Label: Attenuation Circuit Out of the hands and creative mind of Emerge comes a peticular release called Minuscule. In three sections we can hear three different miniscule audio works. The three miniature … Continue reading

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Karambol Bolno – the YOUTH [1970 – 1996]

Artist: Karambol Bolno title: the YOUTH {1970 – 1996} keywords: electronic, experimental, lobit, industrial, chiptune, trip-hop, samples, vaporwave Somewhere in the Ukraine there is a music producer living in a town called S;ov’yansk. The place was at the moment that … Continue reading

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Daniel J. Davis – Cycles

Artist: Daniel J. Davis title: Cycles keywords: ambient, electronic, conceptual, electroacoustic, experimental, synthesizer Why sitting inside? Why not go cycling while listening to Daniel J Davis ‘Cycles’? It might turn the landscapes and the surroundings that you are cycling through … Continue reading

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Trio telfær – Close Encounters

Artist: Trio telfær Title: Close Encounters Keywords: experimental, basement, dance, improvisation, jam, pop, rock, space, trip Sometimes we just stumble upon music that actually doesn’t suck, it doesn’t happen often but when it happens it’s really an euphoric moment that … Continue reading

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Flat Affect / Jason “Evil” Covelli – Untitled

artist: Flat Affect / Jason “Evil” Covelli title: Untitled cat: SPFD01 format: Floppy Disk (limited edition of 10, wrapped in toilet paper) keywords: abstract, drone, spoken word, electronic, non-music label: SP words by: Fred Oppy In the category of … Continue reading

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Vulva – Vulva

Artist: Vulva title: Vulva keywords: punk, garage, garage punk, noise, punk rock reviewer: Mark X Hello and welcome! No, no don’t be scared, it’s Vulva time. Vulva will show us around with open Vulva arms, but first Vulva has to … Continue reading

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artist: DAGS! title: S/T format: 12” vinyl keywords: emo, Italian, punk rock, shoegaze, tropical, alternative, indie, math rock, post hardcore, punk, punk rock labels: To Lose La Track / Neat is Murder records reviewer: Willem van O. Its weekend, time … Continue reading

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Yoshimi! (AKA Niek Hilkmann) interviewed by KN

Yoshimi! Is a project coming from (and active in) the country that is known for its wooden shoes, tulips and orange t-shirts; The Netherlands. It’s main and pushing founding member is a bright lean curly fellow called Niek Hilkmann who … Continue reading

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Knight in Mourning – Pour More

Artist: Knight in Mourning title: Pour More keywords: alternative gritty pop rock orchestral style, video Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Out of nowhere there she was, a picture straight imprinted in the brain of a girl sitting … Continue reading

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