Van De Velde – Holograph

Artist: Van De Velde
title: Holograph
keywords: moody space rock, psych pop, blues rock, psychedelic

The first track of Holograph comes across as if we as listeners get a peek of an early morning inside the music chamber of the artist.
After a drunken night, we can hear ‘Van De Velde’ sitting behind a lonely piano in the middle of half empty bottles, placing his hands on the keys as he hums his hangover away.

The whole scene disappears quickly as the next track comes in. Here we can hear the artist awake, clean, sober and probably headache free. His guitar sounds fresh as well as his happy beat that smoothly finds a friend in a layer of sweet harmonica.

Another different mood is set with the track ‘ruins’. The music is a bit more spacey; the muffled bluesy guitar solo seems to transmit a message to the moon.
There are also moments that it can become a bit menacing in sound, but it’s nothing to worry about as the track has a valuable speed that goes by like it’s going on warp 5.

The big question is being asked in ‘How’ the next track. A voice pops up a few times asking ‘How can I live without you’… It’s a good question, and after he or she disappears; the guitar and special effects freakery with militant drum rolls are making sure that you’ll know the importance of it. It’s as if this musical moment is the answer; you can’t live without music and the music can’t live without its creator. It’s a vicious circle, really.

‘On a Bike’ is also a pretty music piece. The lyrics sounds sincere and complimenting the dream-like content. It has the vibe of holding someone’s hand and walking on a hill together while watching the stars; it’s kinda romantic and cute. The synth solo at the end on top creates a nice and free feeling.

Another track to be happy about is the friendly sounding ‘eyeboogers’. It’s really the music you want to hear when everything you wanted worked out well, and everyone around you is all smiles and filling the room with happy go lucky vibes. This is a celebration that lifts the positive vibrations up without being cheesy. Lovely funkiness where all the chosen instruments of choice seems to go and work together for the best result. Never thought to be a fan of eyeboogers, but this is truly Lovely stuff!

The last track is also the one that the release is named after. ‘Holograph’ shows the musical skills and love for melodie and no fear of mixing traditional instruments like a classic sounding piano with space synths. The track is probably taking the meaning of Holograph very literally as it goes from lightweight sweetness and then makes way for a darker opposite. For the ones who are shocked by the industrial feeling of that moment; the artist will reward the ride with some fat sounding synths and end up with a dramatic ending of a lonely guitar. In other words all the happiness and good vibes might have been a self-inflected dream…

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