Nameless Dancers – Summer Solstice

artist: Nameless Dancers
title: Summer Solstice
cat: WAS-ES010-2014
keywords: Nu-jazz, Electro-jazz, Synth-jazz
label: Echoes Sounds

t’s Sunday and it is a muzzy day, the best way to compliment it is with some good lounge muzzy funkiness. That’s where Nameless Dancers from Russia come back in the picture. They are loaded with all kinds of musical skills and equipment to provide the best possible bests in music land. It gets your toes tapping and your ears flapping! More muzzy and being musical is probably hard to find for free at this moment of time, so if you want a good day you might need to eat this music, consume it with its soul and get your body grooving in sync with the chill pill jazz funk fuzziness of the day.

Or if it happens that you are listening this on a different day, let’s say ‘bikini jazz day’ then do not worry as Nameless Dancers are catering simply everyone with ridiculous good music. For Bikini Jazz you don’t need to wear a bikini but it would be nice. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female as Nameless Dancers music will be freeing up the mind enough that everyone is chilled enough to be comfortable wearing a bikini outfit. The heat is on and the funky baseline provides enough spice to parade around with enough confidence as if you are a photo model for a swimwear catalogue. Don’t you just love chill-out cheeky jazz?

Or perhaps if it isn’t a muzzy or bikini day, but you are in the middle of ‘Summer Solstice’ the Nameless Dancers will provide you everything that you’ll need for a pleasant musical stay of friendly bubbly and sparkly acid jazz chill bill music that if you play it loud enough guarantees the sun to stay; as it will be grooving out in the blue sky.

The musical skills of Nameless Dancers do not have ends or boundaries, listen to ‘Dubish’ when you are in the middle of an episode of mood swings and you’ll be rocking the boat in no time. It’s like listening to a random medley of snippets of music that are cut and glued together as if it’s one fitting jigsaw puzzle. The personal highlight is the ducks conversation that is used as a funky rap. The quack-rap will be totally be the next thing so better hear it here before it gets all commercialized and above ground!

Even when you are experiencing some kind of mirage, Nameless Dancers will provide you with a musical shoulder to lean onto. The
Mirage will be shot into space and the victory celebrated with a thankful guitar solo in this bath of funk jazz step.

When you are perhaps not here and are tripping out somewhere else in the solar system, Nameless Dancers will have the sparkly space funk chill pill jazz track that fits even your journey. It has the space rocket sounds that are so appealing, the ambient tones from the future and the past in great combination with a fine feel good and relax melody.

The last track ‘the shining’ will probably bring all us funk spunk music lovers together, no matter what day, what you are wearing or your location. The baseline, the drums, the groove, the tones.. The music, it’s like the stuff to shake things too, wave your hips and shake the cocktails. A good ending that only creates a hunger for more!
Download this funky jazz album for free over at the following link:

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