Post-Materialists – Moist Rita & Glyptique {single}

axArtist: Post-Materialists
title: Moist Rita & Glyptique {single}
format: 7” vinyl (limited edition of 300) / digital
keywords: electronic, analog synth, noise, experimental pop
label: Post-Materialization Music Label

Hello, thanks for coming over. Today we have a release that needs a bit of a introduction. Unfortunately, we are all out of introductions. But what I can tell you is that if the information is right and believable; than this record by Post-Materialists is pressed on a single side of a 7″ vinyl, with on the other side artwork printed on the vinyl.

It’s a bit strange perhaps to only use one side for the music, but hey it is a weird project and who are we to judge? If the artwork on the other side of the vinyl animates when it turns around on the turntable, we can all watch it as we throw our sombrero’s in the air and say hooray!

But let’s keep serious and focused over here as this is for sure a precious little release that deserves the dignity to be at least praised for the ‘music’ that consists of two tracks. Listening for the first time to the first track ‘Moist Rita’ is like finding a golden nugget in a swimming pool.

To get it you might have been half drowned and are probably declared insane for searching for gold in the pool at the first place, but when you bring the piece up to show to your friends all will be jealous and hungry for that rare sparkle.

I’m not kidding, ‘Moist Rita’ is like every mad persons dream that is hard to find but sometimes a voice or a message, (or in your case a post on a blog) will guide you to the place to pick this raw jewelry up. Not that it’s beautiful in the standard dictionary way; but ‘moist Rita’ is a beautiful thing in its own ‘special’ way..

It’s still rough and wet around the edges, and perhaps needs a professional (either a doctor, shrink or diamond cutter) person to take a look at it; but in general it’s that thing that will heat up the gold-rush for the obviously strange.

What’s the point of ‘moist Rita’ is a question that might pop up when cooling down, but the same sane thing can be said about Gold.. What’s the point of gold other than it being heavy & shiny? It’s just one of these things that you want to have or in this case of ‘moist Rita’ want to own and hear. Something that can be added on the display next to the baby twin with two heads on salt water and that picture of your granddad fishing for a mermaid.

Owning the music of ‘moist Rita’ should be enough evidence to defy your sanity when someone needs some kind of proof that saves you from serving involuntarily at the army, or applying for mental health benefits.

If the official is not convinced you might want to play the other golden audio nugget to get things done and over with. This tune is called ‘Glyptique’ and is another one that will fit nice in the collection of extra oddness that you’d love to bits.

It’s totally different in shape and form than ‘moist Rita’ and it might even have a wider appeal. It’s possible to classify it as avant-garde or some evening music. It might actually not be a golden nugget but more like a diamond that has already been shaped for extra smoothness.

It’s a track that you want to have a little drink with, something small but heavy. Cognac would be perfect.

I don’t know if this is the thing that you are waiting for, or that you have the luck to still be sane enough not to engage in the gold rush for collectable audio nuggets and alcohol demanding diamonds, but if you are hot headed and ready for a splash at the pool in search for gold you might as well just stay dry and follow the link and check out this strange little single.

Or perhaps go in blind and order the 7″ vinyl by sending the creators an email ‘ ‘. It comes with a 8 paged booklet, will be hand-numbered and the postal stamp will be personally licked before being send your way.

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