Dino Felipe – Bang Chain Gang

artist: Dino Felipe
title: Bang Chain Gang
keywords: electronic, experimental, rock & roll, mutant pop

Hello and welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks. After wasting time on a Yeah I Know It Sucks video playlist on a dominating video sharing site, it was definitely a good moment in time to go out with the dogs and Dino Felipe. No, I don’t have a cat or a ferret named Dino Felipe, but I’m actually talking about the music artist Dino Felipe. Before you might think strange things of walking around with the dogs and Dino Felipe on a leash; it wasn’t like that at all. The dogs run free and Dino Felipe wasn’t there in person but his latest album was going along with the walk. Dino had dropped it in the virtual mailbox yesterday and just like the dogs; my tail was up and wiggling around of enthusiasm but waited for this special moment of walking and talking.

Dino Felipe’s latest creative album starts with a instant classic modern intro. A bit of freakery here and a bit of freakery there and when it opens up I feel like a little Mozart listening to a bright idea. Click clack the light bulb is on and the game is on! Dino Felipe plays a video game inside as me and the dogs walk outside, I can feel it through the extraterrestrial channels especially when the second track pops in.

I play with a plastic bottle and a shoe lace and the dogs twirl in circles when the music plays. The track makes me belief that we are an act in the circus, doing acrobatic silly clownish acts with bleeps and blobs and Mario crawling out to juggle with his plumbing gear. It’s just like the Ferris Wheel day off! Oh my gosh, I feel like wearing gigantic shoes to walk in style with this track, and the dogs would look lovely here while wearing silly hats.. But there are no silly hats or gigantic shoes here to tumble over, but it isn’t hard to imagine them while walking around with Dino Felipe’s creative audio output over here. Big steps we make and with a heroic jump the dogs, Dino and me fall into another track.

It’s makes me do mmm and humm and the dogs look bewildered around as to say ‘we’re the strange creatures listening to strange but relaxing music for a moment.’ The tones are extra ordinary and difficult to trace back to something other than the internal mechanics of the brainwaves between the crackling mind of Dino Felipe that is seemingly on the search through channels for another breakthrough idea between the fuzz, ambience and night life. Ummm..

Than it’s time for cookies! Don’t eat to quick as you don’t want to get the hockey pocket hiccups. Always prepare water for you and your pets for moments like this. Oh yes, the joy has arrived of our walking operation. As Dino Felipe seems to provide the perfect electro rock with flutes, whistles, crashing floppy drives and spunk we can only be smiley and happy munching on this tasty mad moment of the day. Oh yes, the sun is shining and the dogs are fighting for their fair share of strawberry flavored cookies, but at the end we all hold hands and paws to turn in circles like happy wonky ballerinas stuck in a slapstick.

Richiere hits rock top’ is the perfect track to step on it. Walk the talk and walk the walk. Avoid banana peels, open cans of beans, follow the frogs and keep on walking the funny walk. Big steps, small steps with or without bowling shoes and oil on the floor. The dogs are now skippering over the floor by spreading green soap all over the walking space. Dino Felipe introduced the walking circus parade again as he bangs like a crazy mad house fanfare but keeps the shit together like a lucrative mad music director.

The ‘quit stepping on my 9’ is more jolliness. It’s fun and intelligent how the music is wired, me and neither the dogs understand how its done but none of us have a problem with it. It’s intelligent but yet so easy going, it’s all over the place with all kinds of sounds and funny craziness but yet it all makes perfect sense. Me and the dogs will avoid stepping on the nines but hopping around like music loving freaks. No time or point to analyze this as this is just pure enjoyment!!

Oh but there is one more track, a secret bonus track! Like all the secrets this one is probably the best one that you should know and hear about. It’s called ‘I’ll carry your BB gun’ and makes me and the dogs walk quicker. Their paws and my feet follow the rhythm and we swing our hairy asses with the pretty deep acid vibes that makes us feel like we are on the move to something, the deep layer on top makes our swing more exciting as we dance towards home after an ultra funk switch of sound.

I drop the dogs and place myself in front of a screen, move to the backstage of this website and publish this report on walking and talking while being in the zone of Dino Felipe’s latest album.. It’s happy, funky, freaky, easy to follow and yet incredibly complicated!
Get it now, and let it do you good!

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