J Alan Wallace – MIDI

artist: J Alan Wallace
title: MIDI
keywords: electronic, midi,

Composer, producer, Music maker J Alan Wallace comes across as someone who is very aware in what he is doing. The artwork for his lovely album ‘MIDI’ is proof of being neat in presenting the content with great to the point detail. This is electronic music, made out of 38% MIDI and now with 50% more human beatboxing! Helpful and kind that the artist is, he also notes his personal favorite tracks on the side;
project2, 11, & 13.

If you aren’t familiar with MIDI you are either young, or just not familiar with MIDI. It happens in the best families…

If needed you can read about the abracadabra side of MIDI at your trustworthy Wikipedia, but from a personal point I’ll just tell you that MIDI is lots of cute fun. When I was little my room was full of floppy diskettes full of self made MIDI experiments, programmed by hand on an old Atari ST (for the nerds..) before ever owning a MIDI keyboard. If you want to give that work-wise a try you might find this free downloadable MIDI composition tool called ‘MuseScore‘ quite the deal..

The great fun of MIDI is that the music sounds different depending on the soundcard of the device that you are listening it on. Also MIDI files are so small but can contain hours of music without ever have to shrink itself into low fidelity, always sounding clear and yet unexpected.

But before adding more sugar on the MIDI fetish , let’s stay with the music of J Alan Wallace who used 38% MIDI for his album named MIDI.
On it we can find 10 tracks featuring different ‘projects’. The first one ‘project 1’ gives me the feeling of an army person driving home for Christmas, it has an euphoric but also homely feel to it; with the drums dealing with the military elements of this little story.

Project 2 is cute with the bell like blingelings. I feel like it would be a really nice soundtrack for cute mouses in love chasing each-other in a clean crystal cabin with pretty precious glassworks. It’s no wonder that it’s one of J Alan Wallace’s his favorite tunes on the album.

Track 3 consists of ‘project 4’ which probably means that project 3 didn’t quite make it onto this release. But that’s alright because ‘project 4’ is a nice active piece with an upbeat breakbeat and pretty energetic sound synthesis. Listening to this makes me want to do ‘things’.

From ‘project 4’ the artist skips directly to ‘project 7’ which is coming across like another action scene between the two mouses now fighting between expensive porcelain over who gets that cheese crumb left behind by a guest. It’s a really exciting and uplifting tune that has a clear story line and even though I can’t tell who is going to win: listening to ‘project 7’ makes us all feel winners at the end. It’s like a Disney-ish happy ending on speed, delicious!

From ‘project 7’ J Alan Wallace gives us ‘project 9’, which has a really poppy good vibe going on. It’s like listening to a short track that is perfect to pat yourself on the shoulder.

A short one is ‘Project 10’ which is just 23 seconds in length but is another energy shot induced with that fine MIDI piano sound.

One of J Alan Wallace personal favorites ‘ Project 11’ has now come and features the human beatbox and a feel good melody that makes our stay lovely and worthwhile. The piano sound just makes us float like a cloud with the wind in its back.

From here we can feel ‘Project 12’ which is a good soundtrack for someone who is drunk and needs a soundtrack to empty more bottles. It has a bit of a light weight dramatic feel to it, as if the drunk knows that drinking to much might end up in puke.

Another personal favorite of J Alan Wallace is ‘Project 13’ which is a very positive sounding one that makes the hearts of the young and the old probably smile from the inside out. It’s really cute and short.

The last track is ‘project 14’ which is a bit more like a ‘to be continued’ kind of composition. A thing that hopefully happens one day as me and Graham Boosey (also known as Rainbow Valley / Little Penguin or as ‘the one who recommended this album’) would love to hear another album of this kind. What about you?
Here is MIDI by J Alan Wallace, enjoy:

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