Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation 23

Artists: various
title: Midnight Radio Compilation 23
keywords: ambient, experimental, rock, craziness, electronic,
label: Midnightradio-compilation

Desh Alb has the absolute honor to be the creature of the first track on the latest edition of the midnight compilation series. It is a good one for the midnight with a steady beat that for its cleanness effectively made me dance as the didgeridoo had created this unescapable trance. The lovely synthesizer accents and angelic ambient pads made me change from just dancing into ‘dancing in ecstasy’.

Next up is ‘eltronik’ with a pretty track named ‘basket in light’. It’s like the wet dream for New Age music lovers that would fit the findings of pretty morning dew in a wondrous forest like setting. Very relaxing and unpretentious.

Accou brings the good old vinyl crackles out to give that extra dusty warm feeling to its experimental slumbering guitar piece that plays with delay to make a nice comfortable zone to chill in.

Aseptic Void gives a little bit more weight to the up to now unconditional floatations between the music. It’s a bit darker, as if rain might be on the way to cool down our stay in tropical paradise. Sounds are whispering and a little breeze blows while animals move in the bushes. The ending is clear and the possibility of rain has stayed put for another moment in time.

But before that it’s nice to know that there is more princess like music to be heated. Mimmo D’ippolito has created this kind of fairytale sounding soundtrack that seems to compliment the beauty of a moon reflecting in the water surface.

Whitening of light brings a lengthy track that seems to take its time to establish itself. It might be just a very low recorded track that you have to hear with the volume wide up and open wide, but with my crappy speakers I am simply unable for the most part to hear what is going on. A slight reception of sound I probably hear but my neighbors television blast too loud to really enjoy the silenced atmosphere over here.

Transmission 13 takes it’s listeners on yet another positive sounding dream flight. Think ambient as the airplane and tiny twinkle things that fly around it like glow in the dark riddles. It’s quite trippy and would probably be a good one to hear when you are out there trying to catch some sleep.

One of these personal favorite electronic producers out there also makes an appearance on this midnight radio showcase. Here he brings an experiment with beats that you slowly have to get used too like going for a swim in cold water. The music gets a dub feeling and it’s good to swim in it on your back while pretending to be a steamboat with a tiny funky guitar person rocking out on top of your belly button.

Veil of alchemy’ brings a ten minute track that is unfortunately pretty soft compared to the other works. I can only perceive the subtle high-hats that swing, the rest of the music seems to be a bit lost over here. I might blame the neighbors from hell again whose television set I hear coming through the walls putting salt on this previous little audio listening session, but please it might be cool to add a little bit more volume to the ambient for suckers like me who live in a carton box and are dying to hear more than a soft high-hat brushing away. I must say around the five minutes the ambience is a bit more in aural view, but still too soft for me to really handle. But to think of the positive side; the high-hat is pretty nice.

From the ultra soft it’s quite shocking to fall abruptly in a normal volume. If you thought to go for a midnight sleep then DiGital Winter’s glamourBoys would rip that idea’s head off and shake you up with a glanourishly sick sounding tune.

Queen of the frost by Kolt is really cool, especially by combining the pretty ambient scenery with electronic industrial upbeat synthesizer prettiness. It makes me happy to hear such a nice mix&match of epicness.

The time for chilling out has come with a lovely piece by SEMPER AETERNUS. A guitar that sounds as if it plays it’s song above a still lake while softly charming the moonlight.

Protuberance Osseuse’s contribution is a tiny bit darker and sharper around the edges. Still it’s calm in how it comes across. I have this strange image in my head of this being ‘Chainsaw Ambient’..

Structure Of Void’s tune sounds like the structure of void. I have to say that the soft crackles at the end certainly helped to suspend the tension. I was on the edge for receiving a very harsh noise blow at the end, but it was kept minimal. Thank you for that!

SONUS LAB brings the suspension to another level. Great dark synth works that is like futuristic space ambient with grime edges and a tension that kept me focused on every dark space cloud that is presented here. Very cool how this one opens up and shoots us through a passage into a wide open black space!

Magnuscanty continuos this futuristic aspect of this compilation and gives a modern rave tune. It mixes the gnarly bass used in dubstep, a steady beat, house splashes and some 8bit hints; but it’s mostly a steady stomper to get modern day club goers jumping and sweating.

wehavegoneMad brings a nice track that is the good combination of openness in its content. Going for ambient with a rhythm on top that at times makes me think that it’s done with a click sound of the process of loading a gun. A smooth open killer.

L ö W’s track starts after some reversed words with a really smooth beat that goes well with the atmospheric melody done with a sound that sounds to me a bit like a blended version of a synth and a trumpet. It’s a very nice sounding track that could go on forever.

Fabio Crivellaro is the more experimental duck on this compilation, but it’s experiment of mixing pimped fatness in the form of a muffled sweet beat and strange electronic sounds that communicates funk the mutant way; is absolutely a cool piece!

And then we have David Icke… Or no.. It’s a track by Ade Hodges who uses a gibberish sounding speaker as an soothing instrument. I love how Ade Hodges gives this speech a beautiful form to add absurd and surreal sounds to compliment the words that the modern day enemy of lizards is telling. The result works out well!

It’s a surprise but a welcoming one to hear ‘On Cloud Tops We Glide’ simply give a steady rock song on this compilation. It’s uncomplicated and to the point kind of rock, and sounds sincere with every beat, word or guitar strum.

Sweet sounds of the electronic kind make a great appearance in the track by ambientium. It’s really light and friendly in sound, which gives it a really clean feeling as if the electronica is still wet from a recent cleaners mop and sponge. Good for hygienic relaxing.

Hamre vs Buben’s contribution sounds to me like they are doing some DIY around the house with a drill that has kickstart problems. But it isn’t there to drill holes, but in this case it’s used as a music instrument for a dance track. It gives a real nice jabbing swing and it isn’t hard to find yourself doing some wicked dance moves when this one kicks in.

Ancient Lasers gives us something that we didn’t hear before and it’s refreshing. A alternative pop rock tune with nice electronic up touches that really sounds professional, original & up-lifting.

I believe in murder by ‘Random thoughts of violence’ is raw like a unshaven caveman who plays the drums by head banging it and the guitars by kicking it rather quickly. The beautiful voice sounds like it has been smoking heavy shag. Pretty nice stuff.

Lutz thuns gives us urban ambient. It sounds a bit retro but that’s compensated with the bubbly baseline and the unexpected happenings along its way. It’s a pretty journey.

Nothing Happens / Arash Katurani’s track is cool, it makes me think of elephants, flies and frogs that do handicraft together. Rolling out tape, sticking glue, cutting out things. It’s really a nice gathering of bizarre friends in a visual setting.

Then we have Fjornoft with a track named ‘arma’, think of mysterious music for pretty nights under the wise stars with a story telling vibe. It’s atmospheric and quite full with original unexpected corners. Great use of percussion, depth and melody. It got me hooked as if I was a snake in a basket of a flute playing fakir…

Schroedinger’s Cat sings or shall I say ‘meows’ a song on the fence with its voice replaced by music. It’s sounds pretty melancholic and fits the smooth nightshades perfectly. At times a little cold air comes in, but in general it’s the soundtrack of a pleasant night to stay out and about.

the last track is provided by Idtal/OTHER MATTER, it’s passionately weird and experimental. It’s very long and comes to me across as being stuck in a delirious dream state that is like those funny dreams that are completely insane to experience, but you want to remember them when you wake up!

The 23th version of this Midnight Radio Compilation couldn’t have a better ending than this one, but for you it might just be the start. This amazing surprising compilation is downloadable for free and you can do so at the following two links below:

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