Bloom – Animal Spirit

bloomArtist: Bloom
Title: Animal Spirit
Keywords: dreamstep, song, harmonium, brass, analogue, tape, synth, trumpet, cats, meow

Sorry for disturbing your internet time watching cute cats and other furry friends. But there is this music that you simply need to hear:


These words are the first ones that come to mind when listening to the powerful song sang by the wonderful Bloom. Her tune ‘Animal Spirit’ is coming straight from a very special and sincere place and will have no problem to fly straight in anyone’s heart.

With a crystal clear voice and a peace loving group of instrument friends, the music seems to pick listeners up by the shoulder and brings them closer to the universe of “dare to follow your instincts” guided by pure love.

This is a positive song about survival, about freedom, about believing in yourself, about being guided by your inner dreams no matter what! In ‘Animal Spirit’ the animal spirit of Bloom opens up in an incredible magical powerful track that somehow makes me fight tears in my eyes from realness.

It doesn’t happen every day that you can hear music done with a powerful heart and soul. Open up yourself, tune in and feel the energy of the animal spirit that is somewhere within you.
Trust me, before you know it you will be meowing along with this song, or perhaps barking, whistling, howling.. (Depends what kind of animal spirit you are hosting…)

Listen to this and feel the power within you:


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4 Responses to Bloom – Animal Spirit

  1. Linda says:

    I’m on a streak of comments, throwing everything out that I couldn’t say last week. Because I had an instable mind. Because I would have said the wrong thing from the right heart, with good intentions, but risking being misunderstood. Well, I have a little better stability now (thanks to the shitload of happy good music being reviewed here; it has done me very good). Still, I’m not patient enough to carefully typing up what I want to say, so I’ll just blurt it out and hope it’ll be taken the right way.

    I had a preoccupied mind on Blo(e/o)m and just realised that earlier this year when she got brought up in discussion. Someone who knew her was talking kindly of her and said she heard she was now making music in England and lived there and thought she is doing good. And I was like “oh yeah, Bloem, I remember her. She’s that girl that copied Bjork. Some cookie song”. Because that’s the only thing that had gotten through my brain as a teenager and back then I would only buy an album when I really really liked it because I didn’t have that much money. So, I never listened to Bloem’s album because I was preoccupied. When you are a teenager you easily judge, because there is too much to judge. Allanis Morrisette gives me a headache, that was easy to judge. Stuff like that, and you’re not gonna think much more of it.

    So, now I’m older and I see how hard it is to make music. Maybe not for 99% of the vistors of this review blog because you are all diy underground artists perhaps. But I am not and I have some block inside me for doing stuff. Whatever. I got big respect for people making music. For people making art, for people trying to be themselves. And I realised I had never given Blo(e/o)m the respect she deserves. I had never thought “wow, when you’re a teenager and you are talented and get your thing out on national radio, you’re really good! Respect!”. If she would copy Bjork or not is not the matter; everyone needs to evolve and discover and find himself. And sometimes it looks a lot like someone else and sometimes it looks superunique.

    I just want to conclude that I am really happy that she’s still around, being herself and making music. And that this song sounds really nice. It seems to be recorded live in one take. Well, I had to read that on Soundcloud as I wouldn’t have believed that as it sounds perfect. Blo(e/o)m, I don’t know if you read this, but please accept my belated respect. From this teenager that thought to simple of you back in the days.

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