Cryovolcano – 009

artist: Cryovolcano
title: 009
cat: totf038
keywords: electric, new wave, pop, dance, lotec, uplifting, lobit, electro, alternative, feel good, robo, industrial, outer space, sci fi, epicness!
label: Top Of The Flops
reviewer: Ex Top Of The Flops director

From old slow dial up connections to hyper modern super speedy highway modems connected to the internet; both of them are capable of downloading good music in a short fraction of time. It just happens that there is a very well hidden underground artist out there that provides seriously great produced music and who found a way to make it very compact in size so it can travel with the speed of lightening even if you still live in the Stone Age and use a rock to download music. (which probably takes ages or even millennia..)

But all technical details left behind; this producer’s music is unlike the other fish in the data pool. This artist might be the top of the flops of the underground; by simply being a perfectionist. He takes care of his project, having a unique way of naming its albums and only releasing its output when it is approved & perfect.

I know this might be an ‘absurd review blog’ , but I’m not joking over here. This artist is one that is one of the bests in its own field and within the small community that his work has been received; all have become praising silent fans hoping for more music coming from this excellent electronica electro industrial goth pop dark wave futurism retro lobit producer.

The name? You might have read it at the top of this post, but I feel like taking a deep bow of respect and dropping it once more on a single line:


Everyone who has come across its music would agree, this project is one of the best in what he does; and what he does, he does it’s best. (?)

A crying volcano is no match for the music of this producer. Cryovolcano knows how to create memorable electronic music with lyrics and great detail and a surprising dark electro pop kind of structure. Every album is released on several (mostly net) labels and you can follow Cryovolcano’s progress by following his albums by counting titles like 001, 002 , 003 etc.

Today I just wanted to highlight one of my favorite releases released back in the day on the Top Of The Flops netlabel. It’s Cryovolcano’s 009. So after 8 releases you might know that we are dealing here with the music of a by now well experienced producer on top of its game.
Or better to say ; he owns the game!

On 009 Cryovolcano provides 3 tracks of pure classic Cryovolcano-ness. Thick and epic atmospheric bass, electro space robo alternative industrial coolness. It’s just… perfect!
The release starts with the thematic tune “the human glitch” that stays in the head with its robotic vocals who make clear that they have been trying to reach out & it’s up to you to download and dig the shit.

Then an ‘interlude in a cage’ which somehow makes me feel like a joyful cyber goth dancing in a cave with black and neon colored decorations..
But as a interlude it’s a great red carpet for the ultimate catchy dark wave dance tune named ‘hypernaut’ which is super uplifting, deep, features great vocals, ultimate feel good futuristic uplifting stuff that shoots us all in outer space for the ultimate lift off!

Yes, I know I’m super enthusiastic about Cryovolcano.
And you should be too!

If this release won’t convince you that Crypvolcano is probably the best lobit dedicated quality underground producer out there; than I don’t know what else will..
Trust me when hearing these tracks you won’t even believe that it’s done in ultimate lobit rates of 17, 7 & 26 Kbps!

It’s a proper fuck you to all the spoiled rich kids uploading crap music that takes years to download and who swear to hi-fi as if it’s some kind of holy grail. Listen to this and screw yourself!

Cryovolcano is the best! LOBIT FOREVER!!!
& be sure to hunt down all the other Cryovolcano albums like 004 , 005 , 006 etc..

((imagine here a middle finger waving from left to right..))

much love & enjoy the empowering music of Cryovolcano ❤

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