El Xicando – La Grande Paura

aArtist: El Xicando
Title: La Grande Paura
Keywords: horror-pop
reviewer: Hammock Harry

We received a very short mail with the subject ‘horror pop’ from a project named El Xicando. I left the soundcloud link and the social FBI book page for what it was and was going for the link to a YouTube video featuring a song..

But before going there my mind had drifted off, making assumptions and putting very high expectations for El Xicando.. I mean ‘horror pop’ what the f*ck, people? What’s it going to be? Another ‘thriller’ of Michael Jackson with spastic dancing zombies and a werewolf? Or just the usual pop horror from the likes of Lady poop poop and whatever dominates the charts these days?

But I was wrong and perhaps the person who had send the mail was also wrong in sending this mail under ‘horror pop’ ..
I don’t want to sound horrific for such a shitty detail, but as we receive so much scary music here; I can assure you that music wise the music in this video doesn’t come across as horror & neither coming close to the king of pop.

Yes, there are some frames in the video featuring black and white photos from things that might be horror things, but most of it is just old footage of people having fun at the beach, making sandcastles, checking bikinis, birds walking, sunbathing.. You can add all the quick flashy old pictures you want from a dusty horror collection, but it doesn’t seem to add that horror feeling over here.

*horror feeling :: sweaty hands, nervous, water on the forehead, chucking down popcorn, sitting / half standing, hiding under the table, biting a pillow, a stomach of disgust and yet can’t get enough of the gore?

It probably would have been creepy when there was some kind of scary stalker music playing underneath these images presented in the video, making the vacation images into something perverted.. But it wasn’t like that..

It might be that the lyrics are of a horror kind, but as I’m unfortunately not familiar or schooled to understand the words in this language I just hear the music as it is music.

The music in the video was not scary or incredibly catchy, which perhaps isn’t that important but for somehow I feel that being ‘horror pop’ it should be at least a bit of a freight and have some kind of memorable pop lyric. You know something to remember, something to sing along or just a catch phrase like ‘thriller! Thriller night!‘ Or the classic pop horror song ‘blood staines on the dance floor. Reminds me baby of you. Teardrops in my eyes, a knife sticking through. Yes it’s through yeah.

Perhaps the music on the soundcloud account might be pop horror but today is a busy day, so the horror show of music might have to wait for a better day. Probably a rainy one, with thunder and some bloodsucking bats flying around..
Now the weather over here is simply mild and sunny like a summers day and the only thing that could be turning my reviewers mood into a horror is when the bottle of luxurious champagne doesn’t seem to ‘pop’.

So yes, long story short; I was expecting horror-pop but got something else. Besides my grumpy tone that ‘something else’ was perhaps in my ears not horror-pop but it wasn’t that bad either. It was more like listening to the Beatles before being the Beatles… The music and the video came more across as summer-slop. A just invented genre of music that sounds summer-ish, hazy and sloppy. Not in a negative sloppy way, just in a being lazy kind of way. You know the music you want to hear while hanging around in a hammock and digging it while a never ending supply of free champagne is close at hand, so you can spend the rest of the day hearing the track on repeat while popping corks and feeding yourself with sparkling bubbles as well as enjoying turning the place into a slop of empty bottles and corks..

You know that feeling, right?
It’s great until the moment comes that the liver just can’t deal with the champagne and you are too loaded (or lazy) to climb out of the hammock to change your diapers. The horrific scene of sloppiness might develop a great scene for someone to film, to be featured in a horror-pop music video.. Lots of gore with bubbles coming out of the ears, a hammock overflowing with human waste while eyes pop out like drowned pearls soaked in sparkles. It’s pretty horrific.


Here is the video by El Xicando for a song named La Grande Paura :

You want to hear more of El Xicando? You might visit the soundcloud over here:
Or check the page on Facebook:

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