Noise Machine & Dental Work – Split EP

artists: Noise Machine & Dental Work
title: Split EP
cat: DNR19
keywords: Harsh Noise, Noise
label: DreamNoise Records

Out of the ashes by noise machine sounds like what a normal human being would expect when reading the artist name. It’s very noisy, mechanical as if the noise is generated by a machine designed to produce loud and in your face noise that shaves the hair on your back with the sound functioning as sharp razor blades.

High scratching, burning sounds that are blasted out in speed while at the same time coming across as someone stepping on a brake, which not result in the noise stopping; but in even more louder screeches of noise.

Ashes to ashes and in dust we trust sounds vague: but the noise here gives the noise lover exactly what it probably had searched for. Energetic stuff that cuts enough holes in the head to release all the cropped up pressure.

Someone does a yoga session to calm down and someone else enjoys the noise of noise machine; different activities, but probably similar mind emptying results.

Dental Work comes with a track named ‘Graveland America’ which is noise of a different kind. I really like this one actually as it comes across as very detailed. You can imagine some dude with a cowboy head singing a song somewhere out there in the wild Wild West noise fields.

A probably scrambled guitar can be heard but also other things that makes me feel like being in a weird farm of noise cows and someone playing with a broken string next to a tractor or some kind of grain machinery. It’s a very visual track and yet I can’t say for sure what my brain is visualizing as it just keeps changing.

Where Noise Machine noise work sounded very mechanical as if done by a machine, Dental Work comes across as if it is more noise made by hand giving it a very alternative feeling to it. It’s a bearable song camouflaged as a slumbering noise with a distinctive rhythmic rambling. Perhaps it’s a drum kit slowed down with crashes here and there.. Whatever it is made off, it’s in the case of this split a great alternative chill out noise session after the heavy noise meditation of Noise Machine.

Get this split for free at the following link:

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