Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes – Split

IMG_0001lloydartist: Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes
title: Split
cat: FCKSPL 009
format: 3.5″ Floppy Diskette
keywords: electronic, noise, experimental, industrial
label: Floppy Kick

Matches are not only made in heaven, they also appear to be made on floppy diskettes. Take this fitting match of Pregnant Lloyd & Team Phosphenes. Pregnant Lloyd comes all the way from the United States of America and Team Phosphenes is made in the United Kingdom. They both talk probably English, but one uses the word ‘garbage’ and the other one ‘trash’… (Or so I was told..)

The UK is famous for its fish and chips, while the USA has a big reputation about their gigantic hamburgers. In fact, it might be that pregnant Lloyd is pregnant of a bunch of hamburgers and Team Phosphenes has been eating English food until spontaneous seeing light without actual light entering their eyeballs.. That’s where the expression ‘tripping (eye)balls’ comes from.. (..Or so I was told..)

But all the bullshit aside, I have never met or even heard of Pregnant Lloyd and Team Phosphenes. Well Pregnant Lloyd actually rings a bell somewhere, but it’s a vague bell. It’s proper proof that the underground is extremely large and it’s impossible to know all noise making individuals out there: but lucky for us here we finally have these two featured side by side, not only on a floppy; but also here in this gibberish review.

Pregnant Lloyd & Team Phosphenes are like I wrote earlier ‘a perfect match’ and language accents & food reputations can’t do anything about that. And why shouldn’t it be a good match? They are brought together here by the one and only a Floppy Kick label, who has the reputation of always making sure that the splits are artists that are or active in a simular field, or are supporting each-other making them both come out stronger and tougher than they would be as a stand-alone player.

What is it precisely that makes these two projects so suitable together? That’s a good question! And the only way to answer is to hear this release with your very own ears, or perhaps try to continue reading trough this talkative episode that will now turn into a ‘track by track’ analyses.

Pregnant Lloyd has filled his side with a track named ‘Low-Silica Lava’. Trust me if you think my writing is a bit odd; you really have to check out this tune! But it’s odd in a very cool way, you might even replace ‘odd’ with ‘original’ if that sounds better. In any case it’s what people probably would categorize as experimental music, but even in that category it doesn’t seem to fit. It’s beyond ‘experimental music’ really.

This audio baby of Pregnant Lloyd comes across as if it’s alive, a thing that lives inside his part of this floppy diskette and you can hear the lively activity only when you play this floppy. To me it sounds like an unidentified creature, a bit like a caterpillar how it moves it’s body but then of course without any trademarks of a caterpillar.

It even might have a small beak like a bird; you can hear it sing while it crawls around through the floppy drive munching on cables and magnetic tape.

It’s like a microscopic pet that you can’t stroke, but you can hear it and stroke his or her floppy house instead. It is a very friendly creature and even though it comes across as if it is eating stuff inside the diskette, I’m sure it is just harmless fun. A good pet that will never be in your way, or give you headache.

Even keeping a gold fish is more work (and less fun) than adopting this Low-Silica Lava. It’s like a tamagotchi that never dies and you never ever need to feed it; although listening to it is of course greatly recommended & appreciated!

And what about the side filled up by Team Phosphenes? Oh, you’ll love it!
It’s called ‘Screwed Radio Junk Part 3’ and comes across as a more f*cked up easy to keep pet. In fact it might be a human trapped, screwed and probably classified as a addicted radio junk. Now wasted and totally out of its mind it has somehow escaped its human body and found a new life as never heard before sounds.

When you hear it you will agree that this trapped radio junk is doing its best in all kind of ways to communicate to speak its mind; but as it has lost its human body and has no ability to use a mouth to talk other ways and forms of expression can be heard.

A piano is captured somewhere and also a cat that jumps up with a sound, but it’s mostly asthmatic laughing, driller killer, sandpaper, glass breaking and more strangeness.

It’s communication and probably wants to say ‘get me out of here, I’m trapped on a floppy!’ .. But luckily it never says that so nobody will find themselves in such a awkward position… And gladly so; as trust me a real life human junk as a pet isn’t easy to take care for, but as a music track on a floppy diskette it sure is good fun!

So to answer the question why Pregnant Lloyd & Team Phosphenes are such a great match here, is that they both donated a different kind of audio creature. Both are easy to take care off, trapped on the floppy so no messy business. None of them require food or need to be taken out for a walk or use of the restroom. They are pretty different in nature, which makes them good friends for different moods and periods. Where ‘Low-Silica Lava’ is cute and would also be good with the kids, the screwed Radio Junk might be more a pet for adults only.

Get this excellent (very limited) split between Pregnant Lloyd & Team Phosphenes exclusively from the Hungarian Floppy Kick label:

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