Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada

Artist: Plankton Dada Wave
title: Haus of Dada
keywords: indie, wave, rock, new wave, funk, punk
label: Ghost Records

better put a pizza in the oven; get the wine and pickles on the table because the Italians have taken over the blog! Plankton Dada Wave is (if I’m not mistaken) a trio consisting of three crazy musicians named Stono Vox (guitar and vocals) , Fausto Bolivar (vocals and bass) and last but certainly not unimportant: Big T (who plays the drums!)

Their sound comes across like a post-whatever energetic funny funk-punk-rock-dada-humor-party-music. But don’t be mistaken that these jolly weirdo’s are just a bunch of lunatics going crazy on their instruments; they are actually pretty good musicians and their sound is a nice crossover of skill and tight playful fun. It’s quite bombastic, full of things that make it hard for a Plankton Dada Wave tribute band to copy!

But no need for a tribute band just yet, as I’m sure the world has their hands full on just one Plankton Dada Wave band. It’s too bad I’m unable to understand a word what the Italian lads are singing, but just by hearing how they express themselves musically and vocally it must be about cutting edge social economic problems and other terrible things.. nah; just joking: it sounds like Plankton Dada Wave are just here to bring humor, fun, dada and coated it in quality tunes that probably gets the party started wherever they go!

The EP ‘Haus of Dada’ is one continuous mad flow with lots of technical fun surprises, which makes it going by so quickly that you’ll probably want to spin the record again and again.. until you have become a crazy Plankton dada Wave fan, buying their T-shirts for yourself and your friends and family. Oh, and the 10” vinyl record that comes with the T-shirt you probably keep all for yourself in case you spin the vinyl so much that you just need to drop a new one on the turntable!

the House of Dada T-Shirt with the 10″ vinyl.. Ironically no iron is included..

By now your pizza is probably burned, but at least you know about ‘Plankton Dada Wave’
Hear these crazy Italians over here in their ‘Haus of Dada’ in full action!
Ciao! And buonanotte!

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1 Response to Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada

  1. Linda says:

    This one had me on multiple listentoo; very nice weekend starter! It might even qualify to drag me through Monday too.

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