The Bordellos – Ronco Revival Sound

roncoartist: The Bordellos
Title: Ronco Revival Sound
format: CD
keywords: acoustic, alternative, indie, lo-fi, avant-garde, rock, ronco
label: Daddy Tank Records
reviewer: a talkative cleaner

It is weekend. Not that you can see it. But it happens to be a word to combine Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes it could even contain a Friday or a Monday, but that would be a ‘long weekend’. It’s probably named after the week’s end, but it might be a beginning for another one.

Anyway, today in this weekend I wanted to clean up the old stuff. The stuff that had became stuck in the Yeah I Know It Sucks download corner, which happens to be pretty flooded with rar’s, zip’s and other compact digital files from who knows where..

I’m not even cynical; people send us things to listen and download but don’t add any information with the stuff they send. Most of them are probably tracks coming from ‘physical’ releases, that are digitized for promotional use only, which might explain some sloppiness.  Luckily some things are tagged with the name of the band, track list etc. But some of them are really just (upon opening) some mp3 files in a folder that like to be kept anonymous.

I guess those once can finally be added to the big electronic dustbin as it’s better to put them out of their misery, than Dusting away waiting for a final computer crash.
Anyway it’s time to stop being over talkative and come to the point.

One album that I found among the space occupying waste was one that luckily wasn’t afraid to be named, as it was nicely tagged providing all the basic information that a person needs to know when attempting to write some kind of article about it.

It was this friendly alternative album by The Bordellos named ‘Ronco Revival Sounds’, which in this case I would like to dub ‘survival sounds’ as they had successfully survived the long wait and my greedy mouse pointer that was moving the anonymous files around it into the trash-bin.

Actually I remember receiving a mail of these ‘The Bordellos’ describing themselves as a family orientated band, or a family band. I might do a ‘search’ later on if I can find the original email that brought this release upon the dusty hard drive..
But for now I had listened to these tracks without knowing band member names, websites and other distractions of the actual music. I like my surviving ‘Bordellos’ pure and simple, okay?

And that’s exactly what the band had brought with these tunes. Pure and simple, unlike me ‘not all over the place’ but steady and more to the point. The album starts straight with its theme tune ‘Ronco Revival Sound’, a tune that is a sentimental raw tribute to the Ronco revival sound of the ninety-eighties done in a Ronco revival style of its own.

The lyrics are glamorizing the old school Ronco sound, and come across as really missing those days that the original Ronco sounds came traveling through the radio waves. The music is really nice and cool, raw but not in a wild way. Great guitar, a sincere male voice remembering those days and a tambourine? Trust me, it’s very nice if you are into Ronco revival sounds.

The next song is about a girl named Deborah. In the lyrics the singer questions why there are so many songs about Deborah.. But luckily for me, this is my first encounter with a song about Deborah. And I must say; I like it. It’s nice and relaxed and the flow of the music makes me think of a velvet underground without heroin as a inspirational form.

The same easy going vibe comes from the ‘fruitcake’ song. The music is very laid back while following a steady beat that brings the chilled out guitar and harmonica together; forming a nice balance for the chilled out word-flow coming out of the singers mouth.

Before slipping away in a lazy composition on a worn out comfortable sofa, a more wilder tune kicks in. It’s called ‘kinky dee’ and has this authentic dope rock sound and feel to it. Nicely raw stuff that might invite the lucky listener to dance to the fridge and dance back with a fresh cold beer ready for more relaxed story telling music by The Bordellos.

‘Who’s to blame’ is such a story-telling laid-back song in which the lyric writer goes down the personal memory lane, all the way back to ‘those where the days’. It’s a bit like listening to a note in a diary, but than performed in a hazy The Bordellos sound.

That hazy feeling continuos even in the second part of the song that contains a stronger but mid tempo beat, some refined angelic decorations and a more toughened up vocal expression of the singer.

The music gets a feeling of listening to the Bordellos performing this tune somewhere in the hot dessert before a massive stormy weather will come down to transport the sandy dry hills. The last seconds breaks this Sahara atmosphere abruptly with a lad-like interruption.

It’s time for more lightweight friendliness with the track ‘weird K’, which might refer to the member who plays the harmonica over here. It’s a more a track done among relaxed friends that are more loosened up and comfortable among each-other.

The same thing can be applied to ‘Nurse, the Screens’ which is fun and has a power flowing through that isn’t angry but more of a comical kind. Nice drums are a great ingredient that deserve credit over here.

‘A man you’ve never seen’ is a more relaxing piece. Grammatically and musically correct, poetic songwriting and delivered like a dream pop classic.

Than The Bordellos shake the place up again with a fun bombastic party rock folk tune that is the real party pumper! All the instruments are pulled out of the cupboard to feed the space that’s left between the loud hammering action of the drum kick.

The last track functions a bit like a cool down track that still keeps the band active and alive while they slowly add the cherry on top of the album with a sentimental goodbye.

Glad that it survived my big weekend cleaning, really.. As this album by The Bordellos is absolutely a pretty good record that kept me entertained through its entire runtime. Providing a nice balanced combination of relaxed sounding tunes and the more energetic ones.

After an intensive internal search in the mail I can pass a precious link to the place where you can buy the album:
they also supplied a ‘free’ track, which you can hear & download below:

or check some other tunes (including the ‘Ronco Revival Sound’) on this soundcloud account:
I’m off for more cleaning and hope sincerely that you will find a way to hear these ‘survivors’ with your own ears..

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3 Responses to The Bordellos – Ronco Revival Sound

  1. linda says:

    Dear YIKIS visitors,

    I am very pleased with the random button! It digs up many pleasant reviews from the past. Now I feel quite random myself and look for some random help. My mind is restless and I am impatient and I do not know who I can turn to in the moment I am in. So I randomly turn to you.

    As you may be aware of, I do have an office job. And I get often frustrated and YIKIS helps me out. But now I feel I should push the button and change my life. I want to become a farmer (how cliché). I wanted it for a while and I feel I now have reached a boiling point and it should all change. The problem is: it is nearly winter, the education I want to follow (I need to earn my bread with it and have zero experience, so it would be wise to get some schooling) will not start anytime soon. But I found a cool one and it is all possible.

    My biggest struggle is now: how to keep the feeling/motivation/dedication/”i-just-pressed-a-button-but-my-mind-is-alraedy-off-to-the-good-old-I’ll-settle-with-the-shit-and-leave-things-as-they-are”?? How do I keep this alive? How do I keep people form telling me off? It’s a nice impulsive feeling that I want to conserve until I can start the change for real. Like, my life is full off ideas that never happen. I always drop down to “it was a stupid idea”. So I want to ask you if you can maybe give me some advice? I suspect there are plenty creative visitors who have such struggles on a smaller scale. Like, a brilliant idea for a song, but how do you capture the essence in time on a medium. Maybe you have a good trick that I can use? Or you can poke some (random) fun at me too. Blacken things out a bit ;p Take my mind of office shizzle, make it a Friday afternoon.

    yours truly,
    with a head full of comments

  2. Randy Random says:

    Dear Linda,

    Randy Random here, very nice to meet you. I was browsing the random button too, how random is that? I happen to be a chicken farmer and clicking the random link I too started to think of pressing a random button and become a office worker. Not that being a chicken farmer isn’t nice, but as you noted down; it’s winter time and the chickens are cold and their eggs are frozen. Suddenly it looks appealing to me to work in a office with feet stuck in fluffy slippers and a warm heather heating the whole place up, maybe, maybe I can actually bring the chickens and do some indoor farming inside the office with the office job on the side. Maybe you can combine it too?
    But for true advice I would say go for any impulse that feels right, don’t listen to anyone except yourself (let them laugh – you will laugh last!) but do it quick before you regret and lost the spirit.
    Where is your office? I can bring the chickens and we can exchange job Infos 🙂

    With love,
    Randy Random

    • Linda says:

      HI Randy,

      Thank you so much for your random support! The weekend has been helpful, letting me sort out my brain and calm down a bit. The decision is made and gives me a piece of mind; only the patience of unfolding the plan of making a big step in the right way is a tricky thing. I would love to have your chickens here in the office, it would make it such a more happy place. And it can have adjust already to a life in the fields! This sounds like a perfect plan 🙂 The office is at Boredomroad 41, Foxhol. One minor problem is that I’m not sure if my boss approves of the chickens. He sure likes the taste.

      Big ❤ ❤ ❤ Linda

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