Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience

aartist: Justin Timberlake
title: The 20/20 Experience
title: pop, music, rock, r&b, soul, contemporary, dance
label: RCA Records

Somewhere in a private forest full of trees and lumber activity, next to a vast deep fishy lake we can find a man named Justice Timberlake. He is the main tree chopper and at this moment; the only person available on the dense terrain.

He choses the trees carefully, judging them on strength, age and thickness. The ones that stick out above the others and had lived a good life; Justice Timberlake would chop them down for their wood to sell on the commercial furniture production market.

It wasn’t what his mother and father or even Justice himself had wanted to do in his life, but someone has to do the dirty job and faith had chosen Justice to be the butcher of trees, deciding them to give them more life time or that it was time for them to fall down to his feet.

Next to his hard work with the trees and shouting ‘Timber!’ when a tree successfully got chopped down, he also took good care of the lake. Or perhaps the lake took good care of him, providing him with fresh fish that he would catch and cook on his campfire created by left over branches of the chopped trees.

He also used the lake to drink from and after a hot day chopping trees and selling timber, he would go for a swim to cool down and freshen up. You can say a lot of things about the man’s career choice, but in a funny way his work and lifestyle seem to do Justice to the natural environment.

Today was a bit of a different day: Justice Timberlake drove around the terrain in a pimped up golf-car in order to check the wood stock and trees for possible chopping activities as his routine inspection got disturbed by the call of a tumbling bird.

The animal landed in front of his golf-car and Justice Timberlake was just on time hitting the brake to not crush the bird. After stepping out it became clear that Justice knew this bird. It was his own private postal pigeon only used on very, very special occasions for private communication between Justice Timberlake and his brother Justin.

The two where separated by different life style and career choices and decided to keep each-others existence secret from their friends, partners and other surroundings. Their relation exists only with a few words on paper flown over by their private and well trained postal pigeon, but it had been a very long time since their latest exchange.

Justice Timberlake picked up the exhausted bird, took him on his lap, gave it some water and tapped it on his head in a musical kind of way. ‘His brother was a musician and rhythm was running through the family genes’. After being sure that the postal pigeon was alright and comfortable; Justice examined the package that was attached to the birds back. With a bit of a hassle he removed and opened it. Let’s hear what Justice was mumbling over there upon opening his package:

‘A square thin plastic box? What’s this? That crazy brother of mine always comes with the strangest things.. No wonder Patti the postal pigeon almost died; it’s a bit more heavy than the usual paper made out of wood pulp.

Hmm? J T? THE 20 / 20 E X P E R I E N C E ? Oh brother..? Is that him on this cover? He didn’t aged for a bit, well shaven chin, a suit and a bow tie.. The music business probably did him well that he can look like a handsome young lad in the prime of his life..

I didn’t see him in ages! But J T ?! Why not the given birth name of Justin Timberlake, that sounds much more classy.. But what do I know? Let’s open it… Uh? What is this? A shiny circle with a hole in the middle? What am I suppose to do with this? Stick my finger in?

Oh brother.. No note? Is it a round circled hand held mirror?
It’s not very practical is it? Or is it a cup holder what people use to protect their expensive wooden table surfaces against unwanted cup stains?

Oh brother Justin.. Thank you but what am I going to do with this out here in the forest with my timber at the lake? It’s the thought that counts, but this looks like a rare unpractical gift..
I might try it out as a mirror later on so I can see myself trimming my year long beard…

Thanks Justin, you odd eccentric brother of mine… Your gift is certainly a E X P E R I E N C E..’

Justice Timberlake added the CD in his inner lumber-jacket and drove off with the postal pigeon to continue his normal day proceedings of inspection, fishing, chopping trees and swimming in the lake. You can probably find a similar gift among brothers in a CD shop around you

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