Former Utopia – Collapsar

artist: Former Utopia
title: Collapsar
format: CD / digital
keywords: alternative, folk, rock, lo-fi, post punk, indie pop, UK
label: Damnably

Listening to ‘A love like infinity’ is good for sitting outside on a lucky summer day. The music has this heartbeat of a young rabbit ready for the big hop towards the love of the rabbits love. It’s the funky quirky guitar with the never resting kick from the drum that makes one of my feet go up and down in the same tempo. If it had a mouth it would be smiling now and probably saying ‘hey this is pretty good but if you keep me moving like this I might get dizzy’.

Blue fugue’ is slowing the music a bit down and also my feet had stopped bumping although it now silently moves slow from left to right. I guess it’s enjoying the pretty smooth stereo vocals of the singer as the recording technique had seriously laid good fruits in my opinion. The guitar is more fuzzed, especially when it goes on top of the other layer of guitar for a lovely guitar accentuating nifty riff. When this one starts to play a warm melody that reaches for the happy sun; I can only bump my own head the same as my feet had done before. ‘Good music, mate. Cheers for the sunshine!’ Slips out of my mumbling mouth.

And then there is this track named ‘Double negative’, It’s probably a song about love, self knowing; a woman who claims the singer had been a womanizer and he sings in the most friendliest way that ‘he never is going to f*ck her again..’ I’m not sure if I connect to the lyrical content, but it is sure that the singer sings this as some kind of theme song of life that he believes in. It’s probably the strongest track on the release, making it one (after a few times playing) to sing along with, even if you aren’t a womanizer or are the one being womanized. This one should have been the single as it’s tideously catchy in a very cool neurotic way.

The track ‘May Day’ falls a bit away after hearing the anthem of ‘double negative’ , but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a baddy. It’s just not strong enough to compete with a catchy song. There are some nice moments but I can’t remember exactly what. (I was still humming the previous tune)

Then a track ‘schism’ comes, it’s I believe the last track before moving on to a ‘bonus’ one. Or maybe it isn’t the last track at all and is the bonus track not really a bonus. (You can’t be sure these days…) but what is for sure is that it’s got some sharp manic guitar riffs, rumbling rock and the singer even get so hyped up to shoot his voice in next gear. He sings ‘I’M ALRIGHT!’ And there is no point to tell him otherwise. This is probably the wildest song on the release which is quite alright with me.

The last song is a Katy Bloom cover named ‘come here’. It’s softer and comes across as a extra to chill out at the bar, after watching the band perform. A relaxed ending and a good moment to drop a link to the music:

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