Astral & Shit – demiurge

Artist: Astral & Shit
Title: demiurge
Cat: GV-304
keywords: ambient, drone
label: GV Sound

I love Astral & Shit. I can’t help it but seriously every time when my eye sees a new Astral & Shit release I laugh and giggle like a seven year old. I guess the word ‘Shit’ has a very special place in my heart.

But you know an artist name like this might actually be a bit of a protective wall to protect the music from a unwanted not open minded crowd.
Astral & Shit? That can’t be good it must be shit! Well the reason why Yeah I Know It Sucks doesn’t have a lot written about ‘Astral & Shit’ is because it’s simply the opposite of sucking. In fact it’s very good and beautiful stuff.

I know some hardcore followers will probably think this is one of those trap releases in which the review praises something and then you move yourself to the album and all you hear is someone walking around with wet socks.. But even though we all love wet socks and surprises, but this release by Astral & Shit is not a trap or a piece of nonsense.

It’s seriously a beautiful ambient work that you cannot dislike or label as ‘shit’. Astral & Shit’s demiurge is a most welcoming mind opener with a very nice soft flow that makes me feel like I’m some kind of feather that escaped the laws of gravity.

I don’t know what to say; but if you want a nice surprise of pretty noise ambient that calmly blends into your surroundings like a layer of warmth, slowly moving and changing in a pretty hypnotic soft way: demiurge is the thing you need to hear!

I truly recommend this release by Astral & Shit,
it’s in my view the winner of a beauty contest.
Download and listen this warm sounding movement at the link,
and enjoy the pretty flow of Astral & Shit:

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