Rory Storm – Dot Matrix : Amber

Artist: Rory Storm
title: Dot Matrix : Amber
Keywords: minimal, techno
Label: Tape-safe
reviewer: Willem van O.

Rory Storm’s first track on this album gave me a sad but tripping feeling. It’s very minimal and mostly based on a rhythm that tries to play tricks on the mind. But the melody that softly weeps together with the little electronic extras in the mix made me think of a common scene where you find a dead baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. You poke it a bit with a stick in order to see if it’s still alive, but soon it will be clear that the little feathered friend had broken its little neck.

Talking about birds; the second track main rhythm makes me think of a woodpecker. Not so much of Woody the woodpecker, but more a modern woodpecker with a tight sense of timing. If all woodpeckers would be pecking this cool; there would probably more people hanging out in the trees to enjoy a spontaneous little minimal woodpecker dance.

The third track is moving away from the birds as the drumming captured over here is obviously human. It’s like a drum-band member that enjoyed a injection of free jazz and it mixed well with its normally more militant groove. It’s funky, minimal and yet tight.

Track four is bringing back that strange feeling of dealing with something dark and yet light. Like the dead baby bird in the first track; it looks cute, but it’s unfortunate not alive. In this track it has something similar in feel, but there is definitely no dead baby bird scene over here. But hey, it’s not Every day ‘dead baby bird day’.

This one is more like finding a dead comedian all over your timeline, poking it a bit with a stick to see if there is still hope; but unfortunately the comedian had unsuccessfully coped with depression and died by its own hand. Nobody is laughing and yet we have to remember the comical side of it. In any case I’d prefer to poke the stick at the dead baby bird that never had the chance to go out flying, than the affecting heaviness of a hot topic crying clown that stopped crying.

Sorry for the negativity over here, it’s the vibes; it’s pretty cold. I wanted Rory Storm to roar and bring a storm of distraction, but instead the release comes across as having a bit of a dark soul expressing (rhythmically! Mind you that!) a certain minimal sadness. Perhaps I’m insane and shouldn’t write reviews; but I guess Rory Storm would probably acknowledge that there is something dark in this album, the artwork isn’t ‘purple full of rainbow balloons’ for nothing.. Or it might be just this track? Let’s take a deep breath all the way to….

… Track number five! My dark insanity had flushed down the toilet like a brownie dumped down in the morning. Here Rory Storm leaves enough space to not slip down that slippery slide and fall out of a bird nest. It’s very minimal and that probably leaves it up to the listener what kind of mood you want to add it too.

The beginning is nice with a swinging programmed drum that has a nice baseline going on, and then it turns into something more different; a bit of a slider on drums. And from there the track goes again very minimal as if it’s telling some kind of story ending with a synth flirt as its final ‘fin’.

The sixth track is more my kind of thing, it is more freaky and yet not all too arty; it’s like minimal industrial techno with some fake airplanes flying over throwing ‘plasters’ and ‘acid’ for birds and others to use in case of a emergency. I feel much better now! Let me use my stick to poke up a link that takes you to this release:

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