Seth Graham – Goop

artist: Seth Graham
Title: Goop
format: cassette / digital
Keywords: experimental
label: Noumenal Loom
reviewer: Robert Emember

Seth Graham is a combination of two names that I personally had not encountered before. But lucky that I have now, because Seth Graham made a release that would glue the names Seth + Graham forever in my memory.

I was listening to it late at night, early in the morning; you know around the crazy hours. It might have been the timing of the day but I was enjoying the music on this release. It was very light, probably conceptual and pretty modern with a touch for the avant-garde..

Some people say ‘where did the avant-garde go & some obnoxious people will call everything avant-garde. I’m one of the obnoxious ones.. But my mind is drifting off.. Hanging my brain in the avant-garderobe.. I’ll probably pick it up later. Yeah I Know..

What I can remember of this release is pretty much nothing except the name combination of Seth and Graham. But I do remember that the music was a fitting fit to be heard around the crazy hours.

You know half asleep, half awake, half insane & half sane. I remember that it started with a piano. It was not your normal piano piece; it was a experimental one. Or perhaps a experiment that had a piano in it. I’m not sure, I might have been entering dream state over there. But let’s be ‘over here’ and try to make some sense.

The gibberish writing here isn’t just for fun, it’s inspired by that release. I don’t know but it makes sense somehow, somewhere. The music (for what I can remember) was a bit like this too: together as one thing, but yet pretty much with shaking but smooth lost experimental marbles.

Seth Graham’s Goop is available on a delicious looking limited edition cassette… Something to write down and remember! 100 pieces only!

I do remember that I enjoyed hearing it, because even though the experimental approach of things; it wasn’t disturbing, which made it such a nice record that fitted these crazy hours. I mean it’s music you can sleep on if you want, but it might make you meet up with bizarre dreams. ‘You know a pink roller skating bunny pushing a pram with a gigantic strawberry inside of it.’ That kind of thing..

But I must say.. It’s hard to remember. It was a smooth experience even though the artist certainly did it’s best to make things sound complicated. Weird stops, strange cuts & even some noise.
But yet every track went by in no time, without trouble like a well-oiled automatic belly scratcher.

Well let’s correct that and say it’s more like a well-oiled EXPERIMENTAL automatic belly scratcher. I like the hints of real instruments, they are there giving a orchestra vibe that have been successfully added inside a blender and had come out as some health juice of sound.

I remember the last part of ‘when I was sick’ which surprisingly came across as not sickening at all. It was a bit as if nurses stood over your hospital bed and singing a soothing song to each-other. But I remember ‘this is just a tape’ bringing some sickness to the experimental stream, probably provided by experimental use of ductape.

I remember some church choir at the bottom somewhere. I guess that it was in the curious title of ‘him’, which for some reason makes me think of the one with horns and goat hooves as legs. Not that it was dark or eerie; it might as well refer to another Him. The so called ‘good’ one. But everybody has a good Him and a bad Him, and this track was (for what I could remember) catering both.

It’s hard to review from memory when you have a memory like a cheese with holes. But at least I didn’t forget that this was a well done release. Good to play at the crazy hours.. So that’s perhaps a bit of a wait now (here it’s proper daylight..) , but you might order it on a tape so you can play it whenever you feel your personal crazy hours popping up.
If this sound interesting to you than please remember to click the link at the bottom to find this release:

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