1/2 Southern North – Noise the Ether John (exp. rec.)

artist: 1/2 Southern North
title: Noise the Ether John (exp. rec.)
keywords: aieatoric, ambient, doom, drone, experimental, noise

Noise the ether John (not to be confused with ‘noise of the Elton John’) is a release by IDVex that consists of four experimental recordings based on the use of a graphical open source sequencer named IanniX (www.iannix.org /) and Etherwave instrument as a noise machine.

As a regular listener I have no time to check out what that means technically, but sound wise the results come across as pretty alienating. At times I do think of Elton John; but than Elton coming from a third dimensional alien breed, performing a vaporized eccentric composition somewhere trapped in a space that sounds dry and yet open.

If I close my eyes it isn’t hard to see some David Lynch like scene of little dwarfs walking in from under the gap of a closed door while listening to ‘snoiz’. They probably come out to see who or what is responsible for this pretty mix of Alien communication and sounds of feathery digital fingers that seems to brush piano keys lightly. It’s a nice blend of abstract unidentified expression mixed with music for a slight intellectual avant-garde crowd that stroke their chins and nod their heads of pure approval.

The last track (sub-culture) gets even more stranger; think aliens that walk around with genetic manipulated sheep through a vague void in search for bacteria to eat. It’s very short, but the bell-like sounds manages to make this track very visual.

The release is minimal in length but strong in how it is cultivating an instant bizarreness. It’s not cold and neither too warm; but sounds very alive and occupied with strange creatures of a friendly kind that are probably not from this earth. (Except perhaps some genes of the alien version of Elton John..)

The conclusion is that even though what you hear might be a bit strange;
‘Noise the ether John’ is a very pleasant listen. No heaviness, but enough activity to get your mind tripping on the music and your own imagination.

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