Alien Pop Band – Visit from a Young Girl (music video)

aartist: Alien Pop Band
title: Visit from a Young Girl (music video)
keywords:  Experimental indie, Lo-fi, Indietronica, Poptronica, Dada music, Weird pop, DIY, Psycho-acoustic, Avant-garde, Experimentalism

Alien Pop Band is on my mind. It sits there attached like a gluey sponge.
It isn’t a unpleasant kind of relation. In fact it feels very good.
I want the Alien Pop Band to stay there, or at least for a little bit more.
It’s because the Alien Pop Band is probably one of those aliens that you want to be around with.
It’s especially because this Alien Pop Band makes actually pretty good Alien Pop Band music.
And when it get’s into your ears and projected through the eyes you’ll probably be hooked.

You will be sitting like me, with a mind that can only sit and hum along with the Alien Pop Band that has simply and effectively taken over control of the music loving senses and made everything else seem to be unimportant. It’s now just Alien Pop Band that I can think about. I can only hear and review only the music from Alien Pop Band. I have the feeling that if I don’t, my mind might actually do ‘Pop’ ..

It’s the music that makes this normally unpractical scene of having a Alien Pop Band attached to your mind (lke a sponge stuck to its prey) practical and wanted.
It’s that song ‘Visit from a Young Girl’ that Alien Pop Band keeps on playing over and over again.
And when Alien Pop Band stops, I beg it to go and play it again.
Alien Pop Band might have taken over my pleasure centers; but who cares? As it feels so damn good!

You want too experience it too? Can I recruit you by inviting your mind to accept the powerful catchy pleasure pop of Alien Pop Band? It’s easy: Just open your eyes and ears and the volume of the machine that you read this invitation on and play the following video:

for more Alien Pop Band please visit Alien Pop Band on Facebook.
or buy this Party Mix CD:

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