ihanen – Hitom-himlen

Artist: ihanen
Title: Hitom-himlen
keywords: experimental, ambient, low-key, melancholic, nordic

A black and white picture of a bold tree (the tree has no hair!) in a winter-ish looking landscape. For some it’s a pretty sight, for others it’s just a view. But in this case it’s the artwork for a release by ‘ihana’. The music fits the picture as it is coming across as a bit of a glassy look at this scenery of a lonely tree. We observe it while hearing the music on room temperature that is like the icing on top of a cake, but than more like a layer of soft snow sleeping on the branches of this cold tree.

Pretty vague and poetic is sometimes the only way to avoid talking about void.
Not that there is a void here, but the music does sound like it touches upon a certain emptiness. Or perhaps it’s that feeling of loneliness? Especially the last piano bit of the ‘decemberhymn’ that simply dragged me as a listener down deep in the winter blues, while still hanging out in sunny August.

I don’t know about the all mass celebrations in December; the slaughter of turkey’s and rabbits, the sacrifice of clean air by poisoning the sky worldwide with fresh fireworks… I guess this tree that we see on the picture has no family to visit and couldn’t care less about some loud bangs and fire explosions exploding in the sky. The tree over here just waits until the cold disappears so new leafs will grow and it can be all handsome again.(you know how insecure trees could be when they feel naked and exposed to a pretty, but cold part of the climate.)

I guess that in the case of this release; the tag of it being ‘melancholic’ is rightly justified. The picture of the tree, the tree itself and the actual music.. It’s so melancholic that you probably will find this release in the dictionary next to the word. It can’t be more melancholic than this, or perhaps it can.. But let’s get back to that somewhere in a December month.

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