The Hardliner – Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away

artist: The Hardliner
title: Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away
keywords: melodies, electronic, mellow, chiptune, chillout, ambient, lobit
label: 20kbps

Just when all seemed lost, the hardliner is back.

…Mentions the label owner of the 20kbps netlabel on the release page of this wonderful melodic cute album. This little sentence is probably enough to capture the strength of this downloadable collection of friendliness. the free available ‘Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away’ release is simply a life saver!

A little exploration in quality melodic production, that reminds of the cuter moments of gaming.
You know; changing pixel coins for pixel flowers and making love with a pixel prince or  pixel princes because you had conquered the evil end boss that was the dark cloud in your own head.
Raise the flag and sunshine arrives when The Hardliner remembers us all that ‘The Last Enchanted Place Is Inside Our Mind’.

The step to inner piece and love for the ‘chip’ side of life really becomes apparent when listening to these classy compositions of the Hardliner. Some vocal advices are included and the general feel of the release is more rewarding than a visit to a shrink or a psychiatrist. You just want to hear The Hardliner who saves you from jumping off the balcony in a mood of craziness by luring you back inside with love trans-coded in pretty melodic friendly and smooth peacefulness.

Within this lovely release The Hardliner shows a soft nostalgic and calm side that makes you want to go back into the house, cuddle up under the blankets, enjoy the warmth and the fluff & above all; simply enjoy the music. get it over here for free from the legendary 20kbps netlabel:

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