Agnes Pe – Barbarian Pathfinder

Artist: Agnes Pe
Title: Barbarian Pathfinder
keywords: devotional, electronic, experimental

You can always wake me up for some good old (and new!) music by Agnes Pe. Take this recent release titled ‘Barbarian Pathfinder’ for example, it totally hypes me up in a uncontrolled way. From the start till the end I feel as if the artist takes the (obviously) insane listeners on a lucrative fun journey in to some kind of electronic bubble gum world of fanatic pleasure.

I’m serious; don’t even pack your bag with shit you don’t need; just hop in this release as you will be feeding happy smiles, laughing gas and energetic power pills!

From the introducing adventurous first steps in the crazy world view captured in a track called ‘Colvir Comm Rex’ you will be all adjusted and tickled to roll over from laughter and craziness as the upbeat ‘esquiva asombrosa de rage’ starts to pump its visitors up with a wild pumping burst of happy rage.

Think cars that don’t start, being high on cough sirup and shooting potato’s out of automatic potato guns. The alarms of the law might be not here to be friendly to is, but music wise it adds another exciting layer to gain a more wilder expansion of hyped up expression! Let’s throw pies!

Analquimia de luz keeps the energy flowing although it’s here in a complete different way. No beat to revolt on but a whole clubhouse full of the strangest tiniest snippets of running, flirting, rolling, spurting sound creatures. They are adorable but not easy to catch for a cuddle!
(They do sound cuddly!)

Golden Magico (Elbis review cover) is more sweet and relaxed. There is still the rumbling energy but it’s more as if the rhythm is produced by hitting cotton wool and some kitchen foil. Top it of with cute sounding sounds that could play a melody, but probably just could be considered as cute sounds as I’m not 100 % sure if it’s a melody that they play. But who cares; in the audio world of Agnes Pe ‘all is good!’..
Get this stuff and be happy:

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