Black Pony – Funeral for Lazarus

Artist: Black Pony
title: Funeral for Lazarus
format: digital / cassette / vinyl
keywords: funk, dorf, killwave, shrillwave, splurge, thrillwave, new York

I had the strong feeling that Black Pony was a pony into heavy black metal; but this Black Pony is more a disco funk on drugs pony-show. A good surprise because I think we all could use some happy stuff to energize ourselves & the best way is when the ‘happy stuff’ comes as music done by professional fun loving music makers. Who cares if they are humans, black ponies or humans in a single black pony costume? (Who will be the ‘behind’ and who will be the head?)

Black Pony’s funeral for Lazarus isn’t a moment of sadness but more like a flamboyant funk spunk party. It’s as if Black Pony is extremely happy and relieved now Lazarus had ceased to exist. The saxophone swings, some animals howl in the back, but it’s the whole Black Pony crew that is rocking out in a final appreciation of the Lazarus funeral.
The album starts with ‘beluga salad’ that is like a instant explosion of a unexpected blend of musicianship that comes running around you to bring instant party mayhem. It shows your friends who brought a cd of the scissor sisters the door while laughing hysterically.

Blow up the balloons. Get some drinks and maybe invite some new friends when you play with Black Pony, as it’s for sure going to be a free happening. With ‘cup of ice’ Black Pony really makes the floor bounce with its funk groove and sweet retro aspects & singing. It’s a bit of a hippy on speed moment this album, so better embrace the freedom and loosen up your newly formed commune of crazy black horse riding friends.

It was a vision’ featuring Joey Santiago & John Whitney is another unexpected party slam in the face. This time the Black Pony put some gel in its manes to go for a great tomahawk! There is a wild punk beast captured here that wants to take the party to a whole new level.

To dip in some more irresistible dance soul fun groove twink pink swing music, the Black Pony comes with this feel good funky mad tune ‘Krokadil’. It’s one of these sing and dance along tunes that this surprisingly happy album is rich off.

Also ‘talking in technicolor’ leans heavy on the funk, but also has some feeling of ska and spaced rock; with perfect rhythm to ride your horsey on! It’s perfect party music that Black Pony is providing in this happy release. A fine sing-a-long song can be found in the form of the anthem named ‘cadilac’. It’s a real party pleaser that with its easy to grasp catchy lyric would also be a success when all the party people had indulged in enough alcoholics to make a humorless banker laugh.

The best track on the album is probably ‘ooh I’d love to get a perm’. It’s a very clear story and features amazing use of a flute, drums, vocals and pure suspension!

For more upbeat wild fun this Black Pony will simply rock the house by kicking in something energetic called ‘Pterodactyl’. I don’t know if the lyrics in the song are talking about ‘bad potatoes’ or ‘bad credentials’ or perhaps ‘both’ because my personal ears had jumped off my head to go out for some stage diving from top of a kitchen sink!

The other anthem ‘hey mama I’m a bus driver’ gives lots of kudos and respect to all bus drivers! No longer will be this job unspoken about on party’s as Black Pony put the ‘proud bus drivers honor’ back in this track!
Laugh all you want but remember what you did when the bus drives you over, laughing harder than you while blasting this song through the bus’s internal speakers! Toot toot!

The tune ‘liquids in the laundry’ has strangely this perfect stained dirty feel to it. A good tune for skunking and rocking & probably also for going for a swing on a random chandelier (in your underwear) while pretending to be gorilla with an ass on fire. It’s good fun!

More horny horns team up smoothly with funky guitar and sexy drumming in the poppy party cracker ‘peeping Tom’. It’s fanatic and has this really creamy ending when it’s revealed that this whole song might have been in the solid imagination of a perverted peeping tom. Who obviously creates a perfect transition to the ‘you make me sick in my belly’ coming in the ‘Belly’ tune. Which surprisingly is in contrast with the lyrics as it sounds music wise absolutely uplifting and feel good! So I guess this ‘sick in the belly’ is of the good kind! This is what people would describe as ‘A Tune!!’.

The last track ‘baby baby bird’ goes more back to where the album started but then more calmed down and probably instead of speed Black Pony is on the roll charged by a refreshing beverage of undisclosed nature. A fine positive end of this energizing fun-tasting party record!
A funeral never sounded so good!

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