Der Domestizierte Mensch – Not Today

nottodayArtist: Der Domestizierte Mensch
title: Not Today
cat: FCK 009
format: 3’5 floppy disk (limited edition of 18)
keywords: electronic, experimental, psychedelic, noise, lobit
label: Floppy Kick

Der Domestizierte Mensch is an Industrial-Noise-Experimental Project from Germany that works hard to deliver music for open-minded people. To make sure the music will find the loving ears of this special target group of willing listeners, it has recently released an exclusive floppy diskette record. A format that close minded people would probably avoid or simply do not understand; which is sad because upon hearing this release I can only say that they are simply ‘missing out’ on some very good music.

You won’t believe your ears when hearing the first track on this ‘Not Today’ release. From out of nowhere the music will easily create a wonderful world that is unlike others.
A world of fragile mystery and rawness, that is highly orchestrated for thrill and affection. It is like listen to a hymn of something pre-medieval that is strong and yet melodically sensible. It’s a music piece so unclassifiable that it’s difficult for me to explain how good and pretty it is with words. There is simply nothing sounding like this; which makes this track alone already something that open-minded listeners and fans of mixed genres like atmospheric cinematic soundscapes, ambience, experimental, Sci-fi, medieval noise and pure mystery should love to get their hands and ears dirty on.

The other track keeps stimulating the open-minded listeners with yet again a fairly original audio work that present itself in a hallucinating sound bubble that you can simply lose yourself in. Impossible to describe other than to say it’s like a psychedelic swing that tumbles around pure warm sound while playing captivating solo material through it. This combination creates a depth to explore with or without the consumption of trip inducing real life consumer products. The music will be a guaranteed good trip on its own which surprisingly sounds extremely comfortable considering the rawness of the overall edginess of the production. It’s a beautiful track and personally functions like a great escape into your innersole.

The last music trip keeps its originality high and at the same time also anyone who listens in. It’s the most relaxed and easy going work on this release, but it would be unjustified to say that it’s less captivating. In fact this track is by posing as a softer work the perfect trap into tricking the listeners in a slow inducing psychedelic music trip. Something that will make the head move when softly slipping away into the world created by Der Domestizierte Mensch until the sound creator will wake up the finer form of audio alarms to get its listeners back to reality.

‘Not Today’ is without doubt a very original sounding record that is definitely a must hear if you like the psychedelic adventurous side of music. Each track can be played as a standalone trip and can be played on repeat without any sign of boredom.

This ‘not today’ release consists no music of the normal kind, but three psychedelic sound experiences, that can be played and used over and over again. Totally recommended: it’s definitely one of those rare ‘must-have!’ exclusive trip releases out there. Get your disk from the Hungarian Floppy Kick label:

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