Circle of Shit – Vittumaista Kohinaa

Artist: Circle of Shit
title: Vittumaista Kohinaa
keywords: noise, experimental, industrial, shit
reviewer: Simon Hit

Elton John sings the ‘Circle of Life’ which is kinda shit.
But wait to you hear the ‘Circle of Shit’. But at least you know what it’s all about. No big glasses to hide behind.. pure &  honest.. shit.

After receiving a handwritten letter in the mail by ‘circle of shit’, in which YIKIS was being notified with the happy news of a brand new release of shit, I was called back from my vacation. I had just left this morning after researching words of praise for another artist, and was seriously looking forward to my trip to Peru till the YIKIS office called to inform me about the return of Circle of Shit. I was so excited that shit almost dripped down my pants.. I canceled the flight and turned in a full circle and screamed ‘YEAH!’ and continued with full enthusiasm back to the YIKIS office.

When I came back to the office, the place was a mess. Pizza boxes everywhere, naked people running around and a smell of hard liquor was going through the hallways. You could just see that the rest of the office was also looking forward for my Holliday trip to Peru as I was. My personal reviewers desk was thankfully still clean.. Except for the expected circle of shit in the middle. As soon as I sat down both my hands grabbed the circle and pushed a piece of it in both my ears. Let’s call them ‘Traum’ & ‘angst’ Nothing was better than having two big chunks of the circle of shit in there as in an instant the sounds started to crackle and sizzle. Softly and then a bit louder, higher making me almost fall of my chair. Circle of shit had preserved the newest old school shit shot out of a broken guitar’s ass.

Or did I say shot? It was more like small bursts, carefully rumbling in a fine layer of background hiss. When the circle of shit really had settled in it started to become more overwhelming. The smell, the stench, the loud cracking analogue handmade shit noise that went traveling through my ears like a rusty steam train with added flutes of occasional distortion. Oh so glad I canceled my vacation to Peru as listening to Circle of Shit shitting circles in my ears is already better then anything else that a vacation has to offer.

Happy that I was; my hands took another firm piece of the Circle of Shit. This time I placed it in my mouth under my tongue and let it settle in. Mmm it sounded so good as the bottom of my tongue started to absorb the sounds in the system. A voice appeared over a balanced rumble of noise, it went down with the chunk of the circle deep in the throat. It gurgled some dark stuff that I couldn’t really understand as my ears had no reach to pick up all the inward sounds. The noise was obviously shit but because it was obviously made to sound that way; I just hummed to myself as if my tongue just had tasted a fresh piece of one of the best awful tasting pieces of chocolate on the planet. Some like it hot and some like it dirty..

But when you go for circle of shit, and had canceled your vacation for it; you better enjoy it to the maximum. For the next flow of enjoyment I had simply stuck my face on the desk and dipped my nose on the corners of the circle of shit. It was like a good wine, a rotten good wine that was described as a ‘Real Pleasure’. The audio aroma, the sweet stench had again taken over my incredible hunger for music that could fulfill my hunger of bad taste. The sounds were nasty but needed, more high and wild; painful even. I was all smiles behind my desk with all the pieces of the circle on my face. It must have been a comical sight to see for anyone who doesn’t understand this circle of shit stuff. Let’s say it’s a delicate test, something preserved for the finer moments in life.

The circle of shit on the desk was getting smaller and smaller but there was enough left to put in my hair. It was like the best gel you could imagine; it was disgusting but also definitely the latest fashion under the selected group of circle of shit fans. The last pieces of fine noise of circle of shit I stuffed greedy down in my pockets.. You never know when the time comes when you are feeling miserable and in drastic need for more shit. After all you always should have yourself surrounded in some private circle of shit once and a while. It’s like the posh cigar under the cheap ones, the circle under the shits. It sounds like shit, but at least it’s honest about it, which makes it almost a delicatessen in its shit-ness.

I really hope some of the mind reading unpaid employers had observed my thoughts and wrote it all down, as ‘circle of shit’s latest shit really deserves a shit review.

haha and what a shit review this was.. I laughed and mumbled while I shoved my hands deep down my pockets; touching the leftover pieces of the circle of shit latest (s)hits.
ah.. the good life…

you want to hear some shit? Do not cancel your holiday, but try this link: this review: it’s a total shit! And I wish I was in Peru right now…

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