Post-Materialists – Junky Tapes

Artist: Post-Materialists
title: Junky Tapes
keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, drone-electronic, experimental-jazz, lo-fi, noise, noise rock

Post-materialists have built up a reputation to be too weird for the Russian experimental avant-garde scene. But is it really, or is the Russian scene just too weird for Post-materialists?

Perhaps it’s more the quality that is making the difference? Post-Materialists are pretty clean cut compared to most things that had entered my ears from the avant-garde side of the region. It’s still a form of resistance but expressed perhaps more classy, even more in-depth & full.

Yes, there are hints of insanity: but is it really? Can it not be very well planned smartness that is at work here? It’s not every day that you come across a track like ‘Venus in furs’ in which a looped form of trip music meets up with smurf-like voices and pulls it off without disturbing the psychosis of the dream inducing music.

It flows by so easily that you are hardly realizing that some (probably jealous musicians) are claiming this as too weird to be their kind of vodka. In reality; this is a really nice good track that hangs things like electronic and psychedelic post-rock together with the smurfs doing a guest impression.

There is nothing weird about that, as I believe that it is called in most societies; pure skilled music. Whoever adds the smurfs to their music without making it sound like a cheesy crap has deserve some good credentials and most notoriously some fine ‘respect’.

Mathematical Nightmare’ is a track that speaks to me personally. A whole conversation is going on and even though I have no idea about what; it’s the best thing that I had heard. Especially when the talk comes on top of this amazing mix and match of electronic folk polka with additional vodka shots. It’s like a blend of music that should make people excited just because it’s such an original blend that surprisingly is a nice whacko fit. If this is a nightmare, then buzz off dreams and give us more of this stuff!

The last work ‘woman’s alien mask’ sounds pretty exciting in the beginning. A synthetic space fanfare that probably is created for the moment when the ‘woman’ in this story applies her alien beauty mask. The sounds that follow is the sucking of the mask to the skin and it’’s extraterrestrial healing effects it has. A solo of a wild tone starts to sing for compliments while the global mood of alien skin care simply goes on without encountering obstacles.

The mask seems to do some lightweight liposuction, removes some dirty skin layers, hammers some new beauty to fix the cracks while smooth singing makes the time ticking away. When the mask goes off we can only expect a beautiful view of a woman’s face. The alien fanfare flutes when the mask is been pulled off and the result can be viewed and compared to the beauty masks that we have here down on earth.

I think it’s not a weird album, but rather a very lovely original sounding one. Something that probably not fits the avant-garde scene because it’s scares the others in how good it is.
You might want to check it out over here:

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