Zach and the imaginaries – Millenium balcon

Artist: Zach and the imaginaries
Title: millenium balcon
keywords: alternative, experimental, hip-hop, instrumental, lo-fi

Zach and the imaginaries had written an email to inform us that he is 16 years of age and just made a album in which he is trying to find a ‘style’. Noting that in his own words ‘he must have failed in finding one’ as the album consist (according to him) of a whole bunch of styles.

Personally I believe that having ‘no style’ is already a style on its own and there is no particular need to get yourself limited in some kind of music genre. But as the producer is young this finding of a ‘style’ is almost like a coming of age story captured on a album for everyone to enjoy.

Like every exploring journey it starts with some kind of introduction. The one that Zach and the imaginaries had made is called ‘synesthesia (the mighty intro)’. A title that is promising an almost revolutionary intro under the introductions.

At the first moment even the mighty intro seems to be searching all over the place. Shall it be an acoustic one with a fine guitar? Lo-fi for the muffled friendliness? A bit of soft noise? Some tweaking and playful turning of knobs to make it more than it actually is? The mighty intro is throwing up questions like its confetti at a wedding party and is probably more like a mighty tease for an artist searching for the right spirit.

The first real non almighty track is one named ‘nostalgia – brass the distance (with tapeheads)’ and it’s simply wonderful and almost unbelievable that a kid from sixteen is making this kind of music. Even though the melody sounds young the instrumentation could come straight out of a tripped out old soul who had seen and heard it all in life. A very grown up psychedelic warm touch and feel that is an absolute joy to listen too.

The journey continues with ‘nostalgia – classe neige (with tapeheads)’ it sounds a bit more wonky than the previous ‘nostalgia’ and you can indeed here the young artist drowning in his own ideas. Shall it be Hawaiian tropical rock, reggae, blues or rambling soft punk?
Nobody knows which style will be the dominator here, other than the overruling warmth of the overlying Lo-fi sound.

The story of searching continues but ultimately the confidence of Zach and the imaginaries is growing within the album. Just listen to ‘Nostalgia – homeround (with tapeheads)’ which is combining simply the things we should love, together in a relaxed track that comes across as pretty chilled out reggae funk blues rock-garde. It’s a nice blend really, a bit wonky but that makes it more human and friendly. I can only conclude over here that Zach and the imaginaries is like a raw rock full of music talent that will probably outshine us all in the nearby future. Underground and above ground living music makers beware of Zach and the imaginaries as this kid is carrying the soul of a seasoned musician.

With ‘curiosity – I’m taking over the beach (sorry wavves)’ i feel like listening to a wonky beachboy playing a surf anthem to compliment the sand, water, sun and the beach activities. It isn’t the strongest thing; but as it’s just some short summer fun; my ears can’t complain either. It just sounds a bit too drunk at times and I’m not really sure if that was done on purpose or just a by-effect of bringing this ballad to the shining glow on the waves.. (Or wavves in this case)

Much more I love this work named ‘Curiosity – a short story’, it starts with a almost ambient instrumental before going for some fun lo-fi wonky rock. When the sound of the beginning joins up with the guitar I feel like I’m listening to children having a good time ragging about on found instruments. It sounds like a fun experiment that probably isn’t made to be all too serious but just for the sake of having a good time.

The ‘Curiosity – help me, I’m bored’ track is a nice piano work featuring (probably) the voice of Zach and the imaginaries. It’s just a snippet and highly cut and manipulated (as if the music maker is highly insecure to hear himself) , but even though the shyness; it really makes this track into something much more. Zach and the imaginaries is growing and trust me by using his voice; this project might bring something new and needed in music land.

‘Loneliness – bounce 2 (don’t sue me Kayne) is almost coming across as classical music coated in that Lo-fi feel of minimalism. It’s just piano keys and dramatic string pads; but it’s sounding very heavy and movie worthy. (Who’s Kayne?)

Then there is this track ‘Fun (the incomplete trilogy) – Hugo [live] (with tapeheads, mastercell)’ and it’s a fine piece of warm sunny music that is captured here. I expect to hear this while sitting outside at a beach bar with a ice scream and a sombrero. The same counts for the second tune (Hugo 2) all  is this one more like a exploration of relaxedness and party music. A good track for a game of ‘chair dancing’…

The last track is ‘worries’ that goes in another dip in the never ending search of style by bringing a more sample based track with a programmed beat to chill out on and some nice experimentation. It’s very nice how Zach and the imaginaries shows how free his mind is to deliver something so unexpected by inserting his voice in distortion, cute mûm like melody and hip-hop aspects. I really like what is going on in here as it might be a mix of genres in one, but on its own it’s really a complete new ‘thing’!

Hear Zach and the imaginaries searching for style at the following link:

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