Various Artists – AFA presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol. 1

Artists: Various
title: AFA presents… My Invisible Friend Vol. 1
keywords: compilation, 8-bit, alternative, experimental, acoustic, collaborative, electronic, world music
label: Amalgamated Futureless Artists (AFA)

What if you are as a music producer stuck half way a track that you were working on.. How’s that called? A producers-block? I am sure a lot of music producers have lots of loose half-baked tracks that simply never made the cut of ever getting finished.

They are obviously kept well and take up a lot of hard space in awaiting for the day that the light bulb of ideas shines a light on it, but mostly it will just slowly rot away sad and alone. That’s all part of the life of a music producer; sometimes it’s easy to spit out a great tune and sometimes it’s just like a mission impossible.

I guess that the people who run the AFA label and its producing label friends had also encountered this happening of half-baked tracks that never ever seem to get the shape that is needed to release them upon the world. But instead of waiting for that light bulb of ideas to come and give some clarity on one single unfinished track they had one gigantic flashlight of an idea! A compilation that would be made out of a bunch of half-finished tracks and then passed on to another producer; to finish it off with a fresh idea and motivation.

It is like recycling and a big clearance at the same time & above all that also a great experiment of a unsuspected mix and match of awkward producers working on each-others tunes. The result? From the source that send the compilation to ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ it was ‘the best one (compilation) yet!’. Dear source; let that be decided by the super professional reviewers here at this blog, as otherwise it might come across as being biased..

Anyway to do this review in style we have teamed up two reviewers for each track. Well they are not really reviewers but actually just random willing people that we picked up from the street teamed up with a reviewer. I don’t know if and how it is going to work out, but let’s say ‘it’s different’.. Shall we give it a go?

The first track is called ‘My invisible friend’ and is made by ‘Cloves + Stolenmeltdown’. We have professional reviewer ‘Willem van O’ teamed up with fruit salesperson ‘Macy Mash Potato’.. Uh you both understand how it works?

Willem> of course, I’m a….

Macy> …market sales person.

Okay, perfect! So.. What do you have to say of this ‘My invisible friend’ track?

Willem> it’s a difficult one but…
Macy> …bananas and ananas will be dancing…
Willem> …like feel good…
Macy> ….cucumbers!
Willem> The uplifting melody is..
Macy> …10 euro!
Willem> 10 euro?

Okay uh thank you Willem and Macy. Let’s go to the next tune. It’s called ‘it’s your move’ and is made by ‘The Branflakes + Os Caramboleiros’. We have professional reviewer ‘Dicky Assholeson’ matched to financial adviser ‘Albert Cornbeef’. What do you guys think of ‘It’s your move’?

Dicky> …I don’t really…
Albert> …money! Money!
Dicky> …what ya talking about you twat?
Albert> …this sounds like money..
Dicky> …you are insane!
Albert> …this is something to invest in. It sounds like the music to run to the bank too..
Dicky> what the flying F are you talking about Ballbert?
Albert> can’t you hear it? The slogan? It’s epic gold!
Dicky> what is?
Albert> it’s your move!!
Dicky> wtf man! I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
Albert> this would be a hit on Wall-street.
Dicky> shut the f…
Albert> …inances! The finest finances!

Uhm.. Okay Albert and Dicky.. It’s obviously not really working out well between the two of you. Uhm. How unfortunate .. I think ‘It’s your move’ turned out to be a very active fun tune, very positive and energetic. Great use of samples and epic mix and match of music creating a real brewing dose of good vibes, right?

Dicky> oh man shut up..

Uh moving on. The next track is named ‘aunt fish’ and is done by ‘The Coconut Monkeyrocket + the cow goes moo’. We have household help Trudy Titwith teamed up with reviewer Mark X.. I hope it will be a better match. So what do you; Mark X & Trudy Titwith’ think of aunt fish?

Mark X> the beginning is a bit dark but…
Trudy> …it is just like a moment before a round of cleaning..
Mark X> …happy music..
Trudy> …very cute, nice to listen..
Mark X> …to the rolling drums and the…
Trudy> …mop friendly funk that..
Mark X> …will for sure…
Trudy> …makes my job pleasant.

Nice one Trudy, nice Mark X! It’s getting better.. The next track is ‘La Mierda en la boca’ by Os Caramboleiros + Néstor +3′. We have a random guy named ‘Dope’ teamed up with reviewer Peres Holtin.. What do you think of this track guys?

Peres> hi there glitter boys and glitter girls! This is…
Dope> …some fine dope shit…
Peres> ..happy rainbow dog and pony shows…
Dope> …interested in some Charly? Molly? Grass?
Peres> …I left my wallet in the toilet of lady poopoop..
Dope> …wowa this music man, it’s really sick..
Peres> …talking about sick you heard the latest gossip of Beyoncé marrying Aphex twin?
Dope> … Silence.. I really am feeling this dope tune right now…
Peres> …no seriously just from the press: a primeur! Aphex marriage plans of Beyoncé..
Dope> …you have been seeing the Aphex twin logo printed on this new bunch of XTC pills? That’s some dope advertisement, man!
Peres> … What’s this music anyway?
Dope> wanna buy some Aphex logo pills? Straight from the alley from warp?
Peres> seriously.. This music that we hear.. Who are these two artists? This is really hot stuff! It must be done by some celebs, right?
Dope> …Os Caramboleiros + Néstor +3?
Peres> oh yeah! They will be the new thing! A new duo, something like that guy from the ‘happy song’, what’s his name?
Dope> …will Darrel?
Peres> the music is like that and what’s them French robots called?
Dope> …Dope Funk!
Peres> .. Yeah all glittery pink rainbow friends and cuddly bears: this must be them! I think we got a new gossip scoop over here!
Dope> ..I think it’s a really dope tune.
Peres> ..I’m sorry you sucky guys, I’ll go to my own pink happy place and blog the shit out of it. This must be heard!
Dope> ..are you on crack?

Thank you Dope and fashion celebrity blogger Peres Holtin for your uh… Review and thoughts. Let’s check out the next tune.
It’s done by “Playofone + mëlofo’ and is named ‘amig@ info invisable’ and will be reviewed by a person who goes by the name of ‘Ultra goth’ and a ‘dead person’.. Hmm.. What you think of this tune?

Ultra goth> it’s dark..
Dead person> ….
Ultra Goth> spiders in a cave..
Dead person> ….
Ultra Goth> ….
Dead person> …..
Ultra Goth> ..uh what’s up with the dead person? Aren’t we suppose to do this review together?

I guess the dead person is dead… Sorry, Ultra Goth I guess I can do this one with you if you want?

Ultra Goth> uhm okay.
It’s a slow rock..
Ultra Goth> …pitch black..
..vocals that fall…
Ultra Goth> blood…
…in a slow..
Ultra Goth> dark and guilty..

Uhm. Thank you Ultra Goth.. I think we have enough over here. Let’s check out the next tune. It’s done by ‘The cow goes moo’ and one of my favorite producers ‘Logosamphia’.. Oh, I hope nobody noticed me being biased or anything.. Anyway the track is named ‘Arcade Bee’ and for this one we have ‘Jonas the street preacher’ teamed up with an professional ‘alter ego’ to hopefully review it with some respect and Justice.. So what do you two think of this track?

Jonas> Preach the word…
Aler Ego> blobs + beeps + a flute + drums.. The ultimate friendly melodies..
Jonas> …be prepared in season and out of season…
Alter Ego> much happiness..
Jonas> …correct, rebuke and encourage…
Alter Ego> …touchingly beautiful!
Jonas> Amen to that.
Alter Ego> Amen.

Thank you Alter Ego & Jonas the street preacher for your take on this tune. It is indeed a joy of a tune! But hey don’t listen to me as I’m so very biased right now. I just love those game sounds.. It’s like the cutest thing you know?

Jonas> …with great patience and careful instruction.

Uh yes! Thank you Jonas; you have been marvelous! So the next track is hopefully more fun as this one is also created by ‘Logosamphia’ but this time he is hooked up with ‘The Bran Flakes’ to make a track named ‘inidadbodja’ which sounds like a mix and match of India and Cambodia and makes me hungry for food.. Let’s see.. For this track we have David the Dog Walker teamed up with professional reviewer VdW.. What you two make of this track?

David> woof woof woof
VdW> this is vital deeply to my ears..
David> woof .. Sorry guys .. It’s my dogs.. Woof woof…
VdW> ..Persian…
David> ..Bark Bark..
VdW> … A mix..
David> woof yeah I like this! Woof!
VdW> … Vital listening..
David> … Woof no Vicky no!!
VdW> ..details.. Opinions..
David> ..woof waf bark gnarf
VdW> ..I shouldn’t review this as it’s not been send to me on CDr. Sorry guys…
David> …Vicky just ate its own tail..

Well thank you guys.. That was uh ‘interesting’. I really think it was a great tune. Very musically and well done. Good luck guys and thanks for doing your best at reviewing this one together.. Let’s move on to another track. This one is called ‘Field of view’ and is done with the mix and match between ‘Blue States’ + ‘the Coconut Monkeyrocket’ and we have artist Andy W. Teamed up with ‘Hipster Harry’.

Hipster Harry> the intro is hip..
Andy W.> …uh, no?
Hipster Harry> oh this is different.. No dubstep?
Andy W.> ..uh, yes.
Hipster Harry> how am I suppose to review this?
Andy W.> ..uh.. Yes?
Hipster Harry> it’s pretty good music to put flowers in my beard.
Andy W.> ..uh.. No?

Thanks Andy W. And Hipster Harry for your time. Let’s move on to the next track. It’s done by ‘ion Connor’ teamed up with ‘Cloves’ and the music is called ‘ blind man footwork’.. For the review we have mixed mad matched our own professional reviewer who hates almost everything ‘audiohater’ with my hamster Spicki. Uhm this is probably not the best match.. So in advanced: my honest apologies and excuses. Audiohater and hamster Spicki what do you think of this track?

Audiohater> music?! Bah?!
Spicki> eep eep eep eep
Audiohater> a groove?! You know I hate grooves!
Spicki> eep eep eep eep eep eep eep.
Audiohater> shit.. Now you expect me to dance, right?
Spicki> eep eep eep
Audiohater> so are you happy now?! I am dancing and clapping along with the claps..
Spicki> eep eep eep
Audiohater> I must shower and drink absinth.
Spicki> eep eep eep eep

Uh thank you Spicki for your generous compliments and excellent positivity. Sorry to hear Audiohater hating it, but it was expected. But I have never seen him dance so secretly he must have liked it.

The next track is done by ‘Mëlofo’ & ‘voetbal’ and is titled ‘MIF never shows up on dates’ and will be reviewed by the guitarist of the legendary band ‘The terminal castrated catastrophes’ and poet ‘just a Dude’.

The guitarist of TTCC> good.
just a Dude> ..smooth.
The guitarist of TTCC> nice use of the guitars.
just a Dude> not your regular poptards.
The guitarist of TTCC> nice experimentation.
just a Dude> I’m feeling the vibration.
The guitarist of TTCC> funky the synths are cool too.
just a Dude> and the cow does Moo.
The guitarist of TTCC> really a good tune.
just a Dude> better than eating a prune.

Thanks, you two rocked! The next track is one by ‘Tottorinos’ & ‘playofone’ and is named ‘sukkalakan’. For this review we have brought in Garry the Garlic lover & reviewer Simon Hit. Let’s see what they make of it..

Simon Hit> oh nice, it’s more lofi, a bit experimental jazz..
Garry> it ain’t no garlic that’s for sure!
Simon Hit> no it is not garlic, but it’s really pretty music don’t you agree Garry?
Garry> I did not come here for music, they promised me garlic.
Simon Hit> ah, I see.. Well maybe they brought you in to see the garlic inside this music.
Garry> how?
Simon Hit> just open up your mind and think of garlic while listening to this fine music.
Garry> let me see..
Simon Hit> and? can you see it?
Garry> yeah! Ah! You are right!
Simon Hit> it’s all in your imagination my friend..
Garry> no! No! I really see it!
Simon Hit> haha Garry you are a funny guy..
Garry> I love this music it’s full of garlic! Thank you so much Simon for opening up my mind.
Simon Hit> no problem man. My pleasure.

Okay.. Well that was kind of odd. Let’s check out the next tune. This one is done by ‘Voetbal’ + ‘Ionn Connor’ and is titled ‘no me chilles , que no te veo’. For this one we have matched musician Billy Organ with a beautiful girl named Alexandria.
Are you ready?

Billy> I am ….
Alexandria> …ready! Hihi

So what you two think of this track?

Billy> oh I really like how it begins..
Alexandria> …it’s like a romance..
Billy> ..a dark one..
Alexandria> …oh there is reggae..
Billy> that’s rock pop..
Alexandria> ..oh? Hihi
Billy> nice synth work, good atmosphere…
Alexandria> …there is definitely reggae in here..
Billy> …I’m getting annoyed…
Alexandria> ..Hihi…
Billy> sigh…

Thanks Billy and Alexandria. Let’s move on to the next track. It’s done by ‘Stolenmeltdown’ & ‘Blue States’ and is called ‘ minor big fellow’.
We have matched ‘Tommy the Turtle’ and ‘Agatha Christie’ for the review. They are virgin reviewers, but I guess that’s no problem. What do you have to say about this track?

Tommy the Turtle> I…
Agatha Christie> beautiful, warm and emotional…
Tommy the Turtle> …like
Agatha Christie> outstanding piano playing.. A beautiful beat..
Tommy the Turtle> …it.
Agatha Christie> oh Tommy the Turtle! I love it too!

Well that’s good news. The artists will be happy to hear that I guess.
The last track of this absurd mix and match fest is ‘ me voy a domir’ . It’s done by ‘Néstor +3’ & ‘ Tottorinos’ .
The last mix and match of random reviewers is bert the recently born baby & his mother Eva.

So what you think of it?

Eva> very cute..
Bert> ah googol goo goo
Eva> still cute..
Bert> ehlebleb googoogleloo
Eva> oh this part is not cute anymore.
Bert> whehehehe
Eva> hmm
Eva> sorry got to go..

Well ah, refreshing! We have come to an end of the experiment of mix and matching random willing reviewers to review the mix and matched tracks done by the mixed and matched artists. I have to say considering the reviews above; it must have been extremely difficult to get the music sounding so good. It’s really something this compilation. Multiple respects to all the artists involved and the label who made this crazy experiment happen. Download and hear the results at the following link:

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4 Responses to Various Artists – AFA presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol. 1

  1. Linda says:

    2 times 1/2 is 1 but in this case the release is twice as good!
    2 times 1/2 is 1 but in this case the release is twice as good!

    and it looks very promising that this is volume 1 🙂
    and it looks very promising that this is volume 1 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Relying a bit more on my bookmarks of invisible friends of the past that I have made through this blog than meeting new friends that are currently discussed. I just can’t get over this excellent album. As well as the review still cracking me up 😀

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