Art Electronix – Meta

artist: Art Electronix
title: Meta
cat: [0kbps068]
keywords: noise, experimental, drone
label: MAV [0kbps] Records
reviewer: Griet Kietelaar

Hi! Nice to meet you! It’s a good day for a authentic ‘meet and greet’. And without wasting time let’s meet the meats on the following free meat release. Let’s meet meat A. A meat that is happy to be greeted, so much so that it spontaneously tweeted. But let us feel not defeated as our reviewers mission is not yet completed.

Sorry for that, it was the poetic side of the ‘meet and greet the meta meats’. But without further minutes to waste I really feel that you should meet up with these meats meta yourself. Just give them a handshake or an eye for an eye. Why? Because it’s awesome to meet these meats from meat A,meta B, C to all the way to meat meta D.

Do not worry it’s nice to meet these meats meta  as their audio meats are nice and tender. They could be good friends of the experimental drone butcher, but instead meeting up with a butchers knife, a frying pan and a fork; these meta meats are out waiting for you to be met by you.

All four of these meet & greets are very smooth; no problems ahead, some make you feel light in the head, some of them might be a bit noised up, but most are just carefully organic selected meats overly smeared in with not butter. (recommended by Johnny Rotten himself who simply can’t believe it!)

If you don’t want to meet these meta meats you should perhaps give it a try tomorrow. Maybe today was not your day for a meeting because everyone has their own schedules, which even the meats have respect and understanding for. And even if tomorrow doesn’t work out well, there might be a day coming after it. Or maybe next week, or if you plan ahead and make some space in the agenda; over a month. Next year! Next life!

As long as the big idiots fail at sabotaging the internet as we know it; these meats would hopefully stay around for quite some while. And don’t worry they are like the meats meta of the burgers of quackdonalds; they never ever rot. And even if you do perhaps forget about meeting these meta meats they will not cry a single tear about it. That’s not only cool, but also pretty cool. Actually almost too cool not to meet the meta meats!

They are like good friends, the really good ones. The ones you never give a birthday gift, never call and never see or speak. The ones that you can knock on the door to meet up with after years of absence and there is no drama, just a meeting among the best of friends. (Or in case of these meta meats; a meeting of among the best meta meats)

Meat B is so nice and crisper, it might be even slapping your back a bit to make the back of your meat tender too. And you know what? Mel C. (From the Spicegirls) she recently opened up about being very impressed when she had a meeting with meat meta C. She first introduced her nose to it and then she licked it from a credit card. Or was it meat meta C who sniffed Mel C. And than she gave up her credit card? (Where is Peres Holtin the gossip reporter when you need to meet em the most?)

But all gossip aside you know when you meet meat meta D that you have made not only a friendly meat for life, but also that meat meta D is a pretty skilled helicopter pilot. The propellor flops around your ear while the meeting of meta meat D takes place high up in the sky to avoid the industrial complex sounds, who also want to meet meta meat, but meat meta so drastically avoids.

So for whenever you are in need and are ready to meet the meta meats, I bet these four meta meats will be waiting for you to meet and greet them at the following link:

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