Flácido Domingo – U’re A Fooken Jerk!

Artist: Flácido Domingo 
title: U’re A Fooken Jerk!
keywords: Spanish Breakcore / Mashupcore
reviewer: Doctor Ugs

Are you ready for a colorful rainbow of sound diarrhea? Then you really should check out this breakcore mash potato mix of chopped up lollipopcorn this dude called Flácido Domingo had collected to (on your commando) shit in your ears.

It’s as if this Flácido Domingo  had traveled deep in all the music that you have been trying to avoid, had put it in a gigantic blender and added enough hot sauce of the things we should dig, to make it not only bearable, but even (somebody shoot me for typing this) enjoyable!

You know broken beats, breaks, hardcore kicks and hot spicy red peppered corn beef.  This one burns pleasantly, Amigo!
This is the stuff that makes you want to dance without giving you time to dance. Simply as because Dancing is for twats! This is not ‘music’ for twats, this is a mix of deeply inbred acid heads on speed while trying to run at the same time that the Ketamine is kicking in. here you go twat, happy running!

The highlight of this capital punishment is to me personally the ‘I Shit Art, Yoko Ono!’ which is like an orgasm of dodgy art farts, accompanied with a dose of home baked harsh brownies. Performance art mixed with red beans and tequila for the extra burning sensation.

Flácido Domingo even gets ‘Die Antoord’ a jab of the cake, and I must say if they would hear this shit, they will most make a big splafta and dig it!
The mix of ‘ill’ ‘kill’ and ‘thrill’ is definitely potent in this album.
Some cheesy commercial music is suddenly sounding like a mental speed explosion that is simply having a blast. It isn’t difficult to swallow. It might taste rushed and salty but the additional cut ups & ninja chops is enough to flip-flop your way out of it.

In any case; Flácido Domingo did us all a big favor over here by collecting all the best (or worst) outtakes of things we normally wouldn’t hear, chopped them all up and squeezed them all out between his buttocks.. feeding us a firm dose of caffeine ‘culture’ in an roughed up audio flow the size of a espresso cup! get your kick start over here:

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