Joe DeGeorge: Sax Machine – Made To Be Lovin

Artist: Joe DeGeorge: Sax Machine
title: Made To Be Lovin
Keywords: love, mood, romantic, sax, saxophone, saxy, saxmachine, romance
reviewer: Dom Domes

Tissues are filling the floor of my reviewer’s office;
the walls are covered of printed out photos of Joe DeGeorge.
I am Dom Domes and they call me a ‘sex bomb’,
but today I finally part with my earned title and pass it on my personal idol Joe DeGeorge.

What a handsome fine stud Joe DeGeorge is. And his sax is like the musical phallus of my dreams.
On its own the sax had made many humans horny and in the mood, but when it is being blown by the talented lips of Joe DeGeorge, then this instrument really starts to fulfill its life purpose.

When Joe DeGeorge; or let’s just say ‘The Sax Machine’ plays his sax, it’s all getting a blur of romantic ecstasy; one that will make the ladies hot and the guys up and ready.
The Sax Machine is there to heath everyone up and fulfill everyone’s erotic arousing desires the music way. James Brown ‘Get on up like a sex machine’ is like a joke compared to the music of The Sax Machine! The Sax Machine’s sax is like a snake; a romantic snake that maneuvers itself like a very appealing sausage through the soundwaves.

This is the music you listen privately at home while making love with the speaker. A speaker that provides the tones is better than any adult toy on the market.
Just feel the vibrations all over your body,
suck up every melody that The Sax Machine plays for your personal entertainment.
You will be shivering with delight. Well.. at least I am.

Joe DeGeorge is not your average man;
he is the Saxiest man of saxland alive and ever existed!
He is The Sax Machine and Saxbomb in one!
And above all his sax is ‘Made To Be Lovin’ (you)

Check The Sax machine’s saxy single out over here and get lubed up:

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