Panicsville / Lovely Little Girls – ‘Split 7″

Artists: Panicsville / Lovely Little Girls
title: ‘Split 7”
cat: Nihil 29
keywords: experimental, psychedelic – noise

Boiled, Baked & Basted Babies.
Who could have thought to read something like this today? Extra bonus points go to ‘Panicsville’ who made a track named with this interesting title. Does the music sound less interesting? Thought not! It’s probably the stuff that you didn’t thought to hear today too. In any case both ‘the music’ and its name are like a happy marriage; stick together until death do us part.

But seriously this is pretty interesting material; interesting enough to be pressed on a nice 7” (limited to 300 copies) sharing it with another act named ‘Lovely Little Girls’, who I might describe a little bit later on in this awkwardly professional ‘review’. I just wanted to sincerely pick up some of the highlights of the ‘Boiled, Baked & Basted Babies’ track. Because when all the laughing of the surprises had been calmed down, this is actually a pretty good piece of weirdness.

It starts a bit innocent with some muffled sound and some male cow making an impression.
The babies are brought out following a shaker and you can simply hear the happiness coming from their young vocal chords. I believe we can hear some frustrated mothers screaming to entertain their kids while adding hem in the boiling pot, baking them and probably basted them for a fine moment of adults only entertainment.

The funny sounds of bouncing and the silenced sounds of no more babies gives me the impression that it’s not baby’s bouncing around in their diapers and boogy woogy playcenters, but actually the mothers we could hear laughing earlier on. The laid back guitar that plays a calm song on the background and the other accompanying relaxed bonus noises are making it sound like the mothers have completely forgot about the babies and are simply enjoying some well-deserved fun time for them-selves.  A feeling that comes across as something you can feel quite jolly and relaxed about.

The track done by ‘Lovely Little Girls’ is basically a perfect fit for the ‘Boiled, Baked & Basted Babies’ one.. It is called ‘All The Children Of The World Born Up Dead on The Heaving’. And if the title doesn’t crack you up as a standalone, then you seriously have to hear the music that is hiding behind it. It’s like a happy psychotic version of DEVO laughing their asses off of being released from Michael Jackson’s favorite charity ‘children’. It’s a real fun track with a whacked sense of humor that would be a great anthem for evil minded moms, witches that appear in stories like Hansel and Gretel , and other people who are regularly annoyed by childlike spirits and claim back their childhood to become themselves giggling laughing sarcastic fun loving elders. It’s good fun!

the marvelous loving (and especially caring) band named ‘Lovely Little Girls’ squeezed one more track on the piece of vinyl, which is a perfect self-centered master piece that covers the song ‘How Stunning I Looked’. Here we can find back the children and babies, totally zombified for pure cheering and glorifying purposes. The adults have won and they have simple a lot of ‘twiggles  twiggle’ fun!

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