Subchannels – Subchannels

Artist: Subchannels
title: Subchannels
keywords: experimental
reviewer: Mark X

Etc… Etc.. begins with a lot of Etc.. Etc.. which will take up a large space of the entire track. But don’t be afraid as there is dance music build around it. You know beats, some synth funk that flirts with house music of a kind that is good for trippy night clubbing. The Etc.. Etc.. has some fine plastic fanatic baselines, sleek melody and a good mix of high-hats and claps. It got me dancing and etc.. etc..

Also good for night clubbing is this other track called ‘Nightmirrors’. It continues the smoothness and mood of the previous trendsetting track with the Etc.. Etc.. replaced by a fractured voice chopped up to sound like nonsense. When the voice is more clear it’s clear that it has this house vibe saying something like ‘You Can Fly’, but for some reason I like to believe she actually sings ‘You can Nukem’ and ‘Fly’.. It’s like listening to a house music producer who is having a good time playing around with the sample, enjoying it while being high in the studio sound clouds.

If this is the kind of stuff you are into, than you will probably enjoy the third track just the same.
In ‘Concrete Air’ the dance music goes forward, a bit more feverish, but still.. The voice makes a reappearance and is this time so used and abused that the sample itself begs for you to put her out of her misery. ‘Help me!’ she sings repeatedly on top of this bubble acid melody that goes up and down. I think there is no need for helping her, as she sounds exactly where she should have been.

The last track ‘Mindtunnels’ goes very well with the artwork of this release. If you focus on it and hear the music at the same time; these lines might move an inch or two. If you focus even better they might actually come to life. The woman trapped in the music will appear shaped by these forms and will lure you just like a nymph down into this side of disco house fever, probably charged by a liquid dripped producer on a postal stamp. Change the channel or plug into a subchannel?

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