I.v.Martinez the alien sound producer (interviewed by KN)

A few weeks ago I had send a handwritten letter to experimental music maker and well known alien ‘I.v. Martinez’. In this letter I had asked if he wanted to do an interview about the artist his music… finally my postal pigeon had returned from planet Totallia with an envelope containing no letter whatsoever; but there was a rather strange unused stamp inside.

pictured above is my postal pigeon carrying the original envelop coming from the home of I.v. Martinez. It was empty minus a rather odd looking postal stamp..

pictured above is my postal pigeon carrying the original envelop coming from the home of I.v. Martinez. It was empty minus a rather odd looking postal stamp..

I.v. Martinez (also known as ‘experiMENTALien‘) has some reputation of being an ex-user of heavy trip material so I presume that he had slipped up and gave the envelop to my postal pigeon and forgot to add his letter or note. It was a rather strange looking stamp and I decided to write a little note that I had not received his answer and decided to lick the stamp to add it on the return envelope. After I licked it and placed in to the card I realized that a postal stamp wouldn’t be necessary when using my own postal pigeon.

When thinking about it, my tongue had a tingling sensation. It was getting a bit numb so to speak and just before really realizing what was happening I looked down to my hands that had started to be gigantic; my fingers started to transform and something extremely weird was going on… These hands weren’t even mine!

'Oh my! what the freaking f*ck is happening?!'

‘Oh my! what the freaking f*ck is happening?!’

I shaked my head, closed and opened up my eyes but there was no difference.
The room that I had started to write to you from had disappeared and had replaced by strange bright lights. I was a ‘nothing’ overruled by a feeling that it must have been triggered by me licking the backside of that postal stamp earlier on. The room collapsed and suddenly my visual preceptors started to travel through a tunnel of space and time. It was a very cool visual trip which gave me the feeling of being able to fly like superman!

A snapshot through my visual receptors at the moment of flying through a bright colorfull lenghty tunnel like a superman..

A snapshot through my visual receptors at the moment of flying through a bright colorfull lenghty tunnel like a superman..

After a quick and speedy flight through a vast amount of tunnel vision, the end started to be in sight. One big eye observed me through it and even though it felt quite intimidating, I knew that this was the all seeing eye of I.v.Martinez himself who I had wanted to interview for on our shitty Yeah I know It Sucks blog. It felt okay and good to see him here, making this trip in a good one. I only hoped not too fly too hard and bump into his eye and make him blind as an accident on arrival.

at the end of the tunnel was the all seeing eye of the one and only artist that I had wanted to interview so badly.. I.v Martinez!

at the end of the tunnel was the all seeing eye of the one and only artist that I had wanted to interview so badly.. I.v Martinez!

I flew out of the tunnel and was suddenly surrounded by space. And the space was all around a floating projection of I.v.Martinez face who was bigger than I had imagined.
His eyes were safe and for a moment there was a just a relaxed state of mind in which the artist observed me ‘the flying nothing’, and I observed the flying head of I.v.Martinez. We acknowledged each other as mutual space friends without saying a actual word.

The enormous face of I.v.Martinez looked impressive while floating in space.

The enormous face of I.v.Martinez looked impressive while floating in space.

After a slight nod of his head he opened his mouth and at the same time the entire universe. It was obvious that I had to step through it to enter the private world of this unique alien among humans.

I.v. Martinez opened his mout and the entire universe

I.v. Martinez opened his mouth and the entire universe

As I flew through the end of the universe inside I.v. Martinez his mouth, the surroundings changed. For a moment everything became a blurr.. static noise became my vision and strange sounds entered my ears.

When the vision became back I was still weightless and flying softly around but could see a more humane setting than cosmos and galaxies. This must be the place that the artist had chosen for us to meet up. Did I just entered this place through a television? This looks like a real cosy room.. Let’s see.. Pictures of Audrey Hepburn on the wall? Was she an alien too?

a room... a form of humanity...

a room… a form of humanity…

And what’s this place over here? Books? Lots and lots of books? And a gigantic speaker? I had no idea that there could be so many human books on planet Totallia.. Hmm.. I wonder were I.v. Martinez is…

a room full of books? on planet Totallia? and a gignatic speaker?

a room full of books? on planet Totallia? and a gigantic speaker?

I.v. Martinez? I.v? Martinez? Are you there somewhere? Suddenly I heard a warm grotesque voice. It was the voice of I.v Martinez who said ‘Books are important.’

'Books are important' was the first thing that I.v. Martinez said when he appeared in the room full of books.

‘Books are important’ was the first thing that I.v. Martinez said when he appeared in the room full of books.

KN> Hi I.v. Martinez! So good to finally see you in real! Thanks for opening up your private chambers for this interview… these books of yours interest me. I had never thought an alien from Totallia would have an interest in human books. Can you explain perhaps why books are so important for you?

I.v. Martinez> Hi earthly friend. Its simple…in books is so many informations about humans, served in interesting art form. You can learn a lot about humans from stories in books.

KN> What do you think of humans as a well read and observing alien? Do you think we are doing okay, or do we still have a long way to go to become more like your world?

I.v. Martinez> You have your own way as we have our,its good to be different. Lot of things must be changed in both worlds. But that is ok,changes are good for us.

KN>Earlier on I came across a picture of Audrey Hepburn which made me think that perhaps she is alien too. Is she one of your sources of inspiration perhaps?

I.v. Martinez> Audrey was in fact my daughter,love is best thing on earth 🙂

KN> She got your looks. 🙂

Audrey Hepburn's dad

Audrey Hepburn’s dad

KN> Do you remember when you began making music? Did you have something in mind that stimulated you to create?

I.v. Martinez> My mission is to send informations about humans to my planet. Best message form is sound. And I just figured out that some people like to listen to it 🙂 And I like to create my musick,many artists are not humans for sure. Diamanda Galás for example…not from my planet,but definitely not from Earth 🙂 oh,wanna see alien band? Go to Kraftwerk show 🙂

KN> Your music is frequently coming across as quite intensive material. From psychological brain adventurous to complete alienating constructions far removed from most things we on earth call music. I feel it’s not something you can hear as background music, but is more like the stuff you really need to sit down for to fully appreciate. Can you explain how you are able to produce this intensity in your music?

I.v. Martinez> If you want to express more complex things from depths of your inner self,you must try to find it in the sound. Lot of searching in my sound archives. You must also create tracks spontaneously. Too much corrections will kill authenticity. And that is the reason,why my sound is so strange and lo-fi sometimes. I am using many obscure sources for samples. If you hear intensity,my method works.

I.v. Martinez shows the artwork of Total E.T. - Experimentalien

I.v. Martinez shows the artwork of Total E.T. – Experimentalien

KN>If I understand well your music is made for your fellow Totallians to educate about the human race, and it came as a surprise that humans themselves are actually listening to your music.
Do you think humans can learn something from it? Is there perhaps also a message in it for the human race?

I.v. Martinez> Message is simple,people should more express their true feelings. Better be unperfect you than somebodys perfect copy.

^^ Total E.T. – Dimensionalgetic is one of the latest releaes done by I.v. Martinez with probably the most alienating communication around

KN> Before I forget, another human ‘Alex Spalding’ wants to know what it is you aliens eat on planet Totallia. Any recommendations?

I.v. Martinez> We dont eat in our natural form. We load energy from different sources. But on Earth I have human form and like to eat space cakes and mushrooms 🙂

KN>Do you visit earth often for your findings? And which places  you visit the most?

I.v. Martinez> In fact,I live here as some kind of info collector combined with transmitter. In my basic human kit were all your feelings,so I can live true human life,be happy,to love…

KN> I’m sure those mushrooms that you like to eat are the magical ones. Good to hear that you as an alien also appreciate our special cakes. Don’t you have things on your own planet that would work out the same? Or is earth definitely one of the places to be for psychedelic space foods?

I.v. Martinez> we have psychedelics,but as human I must use your stuff. Enjoying it

KN>Do you make music while under influence? Or is it a sober workout?

I.v. Martinez> Btw,some people tells me,that my musick is psychoactive itself. Some other that it works better under influence of something. The truth is that all my recordings were made with clean head.

KN>yes, I experienced that while listening sober to your music. 🙂 It works out pretty well. Thank you for that. You work alot on your own but also make music working with other humans. How does that work out?

Into the Zone’ by Jack Hertz & Total E.T (a recommended listen)

I.v. Martinez> I collaborate with great artists like Jack Hertz,Cesar Naves,Walter Lapchynski and many more. All of these guys have piece of alien inside. Musick is cosmic language. Latest collaboration is still in progress. With Christopher Alvarado we are working on new Twilight Transmissions album

KN> You are also a member of an anti-all dada industrial noise collective called ‘Totalitny Rezim’ is this a brotherhood of aliens from planet Totallia?

I.v. Martinez> Totalitny Rezim is bunch of aliens from Totallia,we met on Earth,where we were on same mission. It was also my start in strange music creating

^^ artwork for Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories. (a psychedlic walktrough a persons mind trapped in a closed mental ward)

KN> You are a very frienly loving alien. Is there anything that would piss you off?

I.v. Martinez> I am trying to be good human.

 I am trying to be good human.

I am trying to be good human.

I.v. Martinez> But I dont like ignorant,bigot,self-loving douchebags. Me like creative individuals,animals and of course women.

KN>you have brought out your music for free on netlabels but also have a lot of physical releases. Is there a difference in between them? Do you have a prefference?

I.v. Martinez> Most of my music is for free,but have few physical too. No prefference,but in the future I would like to release something on profi manufactured CD,just for different feeling. My latest release is ready,soon on Fork and Spoon records. That album I sent you,dunno if you heard it yet

KN> I have been hearing it while traveling through the galaxy after licking that postal stamp you send me. Look forward to see it released! 🙂
I always ask what someone favorite color is, so what is your favorite color that we have down on earth?

I.v. Martinez> Haha,I was serial licker 🙂 and my fav color is black, because its color of the night. Love night,its magic time.

KN> it’s the time that most people sleep, so you can steal their creativityFor people who read this and do not know you, what would be a good place to start to hear your music?

I.v. Martinez>You mean what I recomend from my stuff?

KN> for someone who don’t know you as a starter.. 🙂

I.v. Martinez> Subtunez vol.2 by Total E.T. maybe. And if long-form stuff prefered,Into the Zone by Jack Hertz & Total E.T. Both very listener friendly IMO.

Total E.T. – Subtunez 2 ^^

KN> Can you tell us something about your future music plans?

I.v. Martinez>My general plan is to use ONLY hardware stuff for recording. I was asked to play live in  one non commercial music club. But I want not present my self as guy with laptop,so we have deal for me to play with some machinery. I save money for it,hope till end of the I can have what I need. till end of the year

KN> Does that mean you are going to bring a U.F.O. on stage?

I.v. Martinez> Just sampler,mixer and few effects,but all together it will be some kind of sound U.F.O.

KN> Do you have any last words or some kind of shoutout before I’ll fly back through your television screen into the tunnel back to my home planet?

I.v. Martinez> Thanks you for visit,hope open minded people can find my musick this way and enjoy maybe. And for all the people out there:be curious,not afraid of unknown. Try to do something,even if it scares you. You will be amazed,how fantastic life can be with now yet undiscovered things. All is out there,waiting for you.

KN> Thank you so much for doing this interview and making me feel at home 🙂

I.v. Martinez> My pleasure,I enjoyed it a lot. Hope people enjoy it like I did

Please do visit: I.v. Martinez on the internet
bandcamp: http://trivm.bandcamp.com/
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Experimentalien
on archive: http://archive.org/details/Experimentalien
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/experiMENTALien

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  1. Total E.T. says:

    What a fantastic work you did!!! And it was so much fun! Thank you! 🙂

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