The Tara Experiment – Christmas in the Observatory

Artist: The Tara Experiment
title: Christmas in the Observatory
keywords: Christmas, earthgirl, electronic, radiophonic, ambient, electronic, analog, synthesizer, experimental, musique concrete, psychedelia, tape, loops, experiment

Before listening to the latest release of The Tara Experiment, it is recommended to know some secretive double meanings used in the titles that this work consists off.
The release is called ‘Christmas in the observatory’ which might make some outsiders shrug the shoulder as they think that it’s a little bit too early to listen to a Christmas record.

The word Christmas is not related to the Christmas that these naïve shoulder shrugging people are referring too, it is a code word for something that substance using addicts use for when they are overly well equipped with enough narcotics that it’s simply a full on ‘Christmas’ in their way. No need to go out, because there is this big stash of presents to create a mind fucked winter wonderland, if you know what I mean.

This special Christmas single contains not only one track, but next to ‘Christmas in the observatory’ there is another one named ‘Everywhere is Christmas’ that simply proofs again that we are dealing with music done to be in a stashed Office of Experimental Music and Film: full of psychedelics and other mind traveling presents. One such experiment is just simply not enough to cover such a ‘happening’ .

Of course I can’t be totally certain of my findings as I don’t really know The Tara Experiment. The only contact we made was by an one sided email exchange that the ‘experiment’ had sent with the wise mysterious suggestion that ‘we probably already would know that this release would suck, but that they would simply send it in anyway.’.This suggests that The Tara Experiment think of us very highly, almost as if the reviewers of YIKIS are all knowing mind reading oracles with pre-conceived knowledge. A Nobel suggestion, but unfortunately we are just mortal human beings with the musical knowledge the size of a simple peanut.

We actually have to listen to things, to say things about things. It’s a good skill some professionals in the field not always seem to care about. But hey not everyone is so magnificent as the good old folks at Yeah I Know It Sucks. Anyway before blowing too much our own horn; let’s get back to the ‘Christmas’ single of The Tara Experiment. Our peanut had listened to it all and laughed the suggestion of it ‘sucking’ off the table; Christmas time through the audio world of The Tara Experiment doesn’t seem to suck at all. In fact it makes me want to drive to their ‘home’ for their variant of ‘Christmas’.

The only mysterious mind boggling thing that boggles my mind is who is The Tara Experiment? And I don’t mean names (they are The Dada Man & Earthgirl) but more are they the ‘scientists’ observing subjects in their conservatory enjoying overdosing on Christmas? Or are they simply the ones created the best soundtrack for this experimental event that makes these subjects traveling even higher through their own Christmas spirits? Or perhaps are they themselves subjected to this experiment and are these two recordings the sounds of two of these Christmas sessions recorded for scientific analyses at a later date? For now my peanut can’t come up with the right answers, it only comes with the suggestion that this is something that gets you psychedelic substance users in the mood for a very white and trippy Christmas. Grab it over here and enjoy:

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