Nadrient – Future International™

artist: Nadrient
title: Future International™
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, game music, game soundtrack, neo-classical, synthesizer, synthwave

Nadrient uses the latest technology upon the Casio CT0420 for a complete new set of realistic acoustics and realism to pimp up once flat sounds’ the artist promised and simply delivers with the Future International™ release. 12 tracks of retro sound that would bring back the fine memories of old game music, waiting music that gets flushed out at call centers and just the all right tough of back to the good old days.

The good thing of this newly made nutritious toy music is that it has this great skill of making people happy with its ultimate swing; one that feels as if it’s done live in a single take, giving it a real realism to it. ‘Tropicalia Cruise Time’ is like an instant boost that makes every listener enjoying a slight vacation with free tropical cocktails. It’s like a good time with a Leisure Suit Larry from 1987!
a guaranteed smile worthy.

‘Tale Of A Scroll’ is a moment of cuteness, something that fits almost anything. It’s not very long which makes it practical to use it for a background track for short happenings. Wiping your butt with toilet paper while listening to this pretty track; makes the tissue feather-soft and the toilet session like a real pleasurable experience.

That artist Nadrient got the groove and the music within is obvious when you go for this album. The Casio is simply never been played like this before, full of passion ‘Hack To The Wack’ is being delivered like a strong and vast pretty tune that modern day music makers could learn from melody and groove wise. A pleasant peace.

The shortest work on the release is one named ‘Portallus’ which is basically 59 seconds of classical heaven. It’s a good opener for the more fun friendly ‘Check Out Our Garden’ which sounds absolutely like a work of love and gentleness. It’s the ultimate music to listen in a perfect world; it may be one generated by pixel or plastic or even just filled up with cute bunnies and cuddly toys; but it’s a place that you don’t want to leave really.

A more sadder sounding track is ‘Kindgom Luuhr’ , a music composition that would show an imaginative world that might be up or had been exposed to previous trouble. Or that’s what I imagine hearing this good for gaming scenery track.

More happiness and brilliant funky synthwave is brought in to get rid of the taste of bad luck with ‘Space Blast 2000’. I don’t know if it is the music for a title screen on a computer game, or perhaps the music you would hear when the game is played well and successfully.. Or that it’s just called like that because the music is one joyful blast of a musician playing excellent music on that fine keyboard. You can hear the fun while the music grooves of the actual music maker. It is a real happy moment.

The contrasts are quite heavy in mood over here as the album gives a moment of relaxation with a track named ‘Tadpole Stone River’. A short lived music piece of minimalism with great finger work to provide an intriguing sad little story.

From down the album goes up again by bringing ‘Willie’s Bar’. A bar that probably is well worth a visit as the music is very friendly and welcoming. Come out and hang out here as the service is good, the dartboard is ready, the beer is cheap and Willie is always there for a good time.

A moment of strangeness is provided by ‘The Spike-ed Ravine. Does that mean that someone evil might have sneaked among the happy and friendly customers of Willie’s Bar and spiked someone’s drink? It’s a tiny dramatic moment that could also interpret as a drunk with a slight farting problem.

The drunken feeling moves along in the fine sound of ‘Broken Forest. It isn’t a bad thing or dramatic, more a drunkenness that is of a pleasant kind. As if you walk through a forest and see things you had never cared for, small things like the leaves and a caterpillar. The focus on little cute things that suddenly is appreciated and seen when the legs are all wobbly.

The last track ‘The Final Planet’ is like a ‘Yes, we have done it!’ moment! A happy tune to celebrate our little victory that resembles almost an early 90ths hit! Good times are here and hopefully more cute music will follow.

Future International™ is a very fun, friendly retro sounding release that shapes fun game music and drama together in one story telling enjoyment. If you want something cute for today, than this might be your friend.

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